Bartering Music for Video

(Chris Saunders) #1

Hello all, I’m a NYC-based musician who released an album this year and I am looking to have a music video shot for one of the tracks. I am willing to offer up music from any of my albums for your projects in return. I already have a show for ‘Ghosts’ and hope to expand on that.

Here’s a link to the album. Would love to know which track(s) speak to you.

Thanks in advance!

(Ray Robinson) #2

Chris, I love Liquid Therapy!

Unfortunately I live in Louisville, KY, otherwise I’d offer to help.

However, if I would be able to use a sampling in a scene where my delivery driver is jamming out in the car, I’d be able to make a green screen commercial promoting your album on the END of the episode it was be featured in. Drop me a line at to talk more.