Behind the scenes pics anyone?

(Ian David Diaz) #21

Anymore behind the scenes pics anyone? Come on there must be, post them and let others know about your web series!!!

(Ian David Diaz) #22

Rebecca Gold Outtake/Blooper 1 “So”

(Ian David Diaz) #23

Rebecca Gold Outtake/Blooper 2 Green-screen & Biscuit

(King Jeff) #24

(Ian David Diaz) #25

Cool, thanks so much King.

(Jules Pigott) #26

Behind the scenes from The Best Wishes!

(Ian David Diaz) #27

Very cool, call me stupid but is your web series called three minutes fast, do you have a link?

(Jules Pigott) #28

It’s called The Best Wishes, and it’s here!

(Ian David Diaz) #29

Thanks, I will check it out.

(Ian David Diaz) #30

Anymore behind the scenes pic/vid caps, any Bloopers? Come on there must be, don’t forget to Give us the title of you show so people can look it up - Merry Christmas or happy holidays!

(Deb Ethier) #31

My BTS are a little different (my series is animated with stop motion elements). So, here is “Puppet Me” as the director doing some script rewrites with a member of the cast:

(Deb Ethier) #32

Puppet Me with full cast:

(Deb Ethier) #33

And real me working with the puppets against green screen:

(Ian David Diaz) #34

Cool pics APYorick, your show looks interesting, do you have a link?

(Deb Ethier) #35

Thanks! Yep, link right here:

(Ian David Diaz) #36

When I click on them it says your videos are unavailable.

(Deb Ethier) #37

Thanks for the heads up - I’ll check into it.

(Deb Ethier) #38

Should be all good now. Somehow “allow embedding” had been mysteriously unchecked in about half of the episodes! Thanks again for letting me know!

(Ian David Diaz) #39

Your show is a lot of fun, it must have taken you ages to shoot all of that, well done.

(Deb Ethier) #40

Many thanks, and thanks for checking it out! Yeah, it is a tad time consuming (to say the least), but such a labour of love that I don’t mind at all, and being the sole contributor I can work at all hours. The planned season is 21 episodes (with a couple of tagalong mini-episodes along the way); working on ep 18 right now, for which I’m running a contest so viewers can come up with a birthday for Yorick and so become part of the series.
Anyway, thanks again!