Best Day / Time To Upload New Episodes?

(Anthony Ferraro) #1

Hello Friends. I’m getting ready to launch my series. I’ve done some research & have my own experience and I am thinking I should launch and subsequently upload episodes on • Thursday between 12 pm - 3 pm •

I wanted to ask the community if you have any thoughts/experience to share on this?

Thank You

(Jonathan Hardesty) #2

Actually curious about this myself, as back when we were doing Flagon S1 the conventional wisdom was Mondays and Thursdays roughly around when people just get to work at like 8-10am. And then everyone started saying something different and then different times were better on different platforms, and then it was all about A/B testing to find out your audience’s best times, and now with FB there’s no bad time to post because no one will see it unless you boost.

Would be interested in updating my research on this as I slowly trudge into S2 production.