Best Practices for Using and Promoting Your Stareable Show Page

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If you have a web series that’s not on the site yet, head to! We’d love to invite you into our ranks of talented digital filmmakers! It doesn’t matter if you’ve just joined the platform or you’ve been listed on our site for over a year- the below tips will help you leverage your inclusion on the site to get discovered by new audiences and connect with other creators.

1- Present yourself well

Make sure your show profile is accurate, with a high-quality image (960x540) and an engaging description that’s under two sentences. If your show has festival laurels, include those prominently in your image, and make sure the image itself shows the faces of your actors, not just your logo or title. When browsing for new shows, an audience member is more likely to click on images and videos where they can see the actors and the look of the show, so make your first impression count.

Bonus points if your show image takes into account the fact that when it’s a thumbnail on the front page, a portion of it will be covered by its average rating and show title.

2- Get reviews

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important. Before you even start promoting your Stareable pages to your fans (or potential fans), get friends and family to review your show, because this tells new potential viewers that other people already love it. It also increases your ranking in search results for your show’s genre.

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

3- Celebrate success

Getting reviews is also great social media fodder- plus, the more Stares (page views) your page receives as a result, the more likely it is that it will show up in our trending category. Trending is the first category shown the front page of the site as well as in the sidebar as visitors check out other shows.

Some post ideas:

  • Screenshot your spot in the trending category and see how long you can stay there by posting updates to your status
  • Set goals for “Stares” and reviews and offer small prizes to people for helping you reach them. A personalized GIF, access to bloopers, a never-before-seen photo from production, etc

4- Tags!

You can add up to 5 tags for your series, and you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t tag a comedy show “funny.” If it wasn’t funny, it wouldn’t be a comedy
  • Research popular tags that are relevant to you on Stareable and use those instead of making up your own- that way you’ll have a better chance of being noticed!
  • Keep them short. Anything longer than 10 characters should just be part of your show description

5- Add episodes!

Make it as easy as possible for folks to watch your show. With our new episode embedding feature, we’re doing what we can to help. Go to your Dashboard, then “edit show,” then “episodes” to get started! (And make sure your thumbnails are :100: too!)

6- Add Cast and Crew!

This allows people to discover your show via the people involved in it as well as allowing your hardworking team to be recognized for their work! Go to your Dashboard, then “edit show,” then “Cast & Crew” to get started!

7- Unlock social media links

Once your page gets 100 Stares (page views) and 5 reviews, you unlock the ability to add social media links and your IMDb page to the profile, allowing users to engage with your show even more directly from your Stareable page. This way the page will serve multiple purposes and gives you further opportunities to link all your show’s online platforms together.

8- Engage with Stareable on social media

If you tag us and use your Stareable show link when you post about your series on social media, we would be happy to share them. We’re even more likely to retweet if you use one of the “now available on Stareable” watermarks we have available.

Pro Tip- We’re more active on Twitter when it comes to resharing things we’re tagged in, and word to the wise: if you tag us in your post but there’s no Stareable link or reference to us at all outside of the tag, we probably won’t retweet.

9- Branding

Speaking of those watermarks, be sure to download them for your show here. Incorporate it into your promotional imagery to let your fans know you’re now a proud member of Stareable’s community.

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10- Ask for help

Ask other web series creators and indie filmmakers how they market their shows in our Stareable Creator Community Forum. You can browse through tons of community-written articles that cover marketing from a variety of perspectives, participate in AMAs with filmmakers and web series experts in order to pick their brains, or just post a question of your own. In any case, you have a massive network of fellow creators just a click away, and you don’t want to waste that opportunity.

How else have you used your Stareable page to promote your series and find new viewers? Let us know!

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(Gabriel Crutchfield) #2

Great info! Speaking of which, I have 5 reviews but my profile page still says I only have 4. Any way to fix that so my social media links can be unlocked?

(Bri Castellini) #3

We have logged that bug and are working on a fix! Also, you def have 6 reviews now :wink: (boy does that one dude sure hate you… such unnecessary energy)