Bob DeRosa & Ben Rock, co-creators of "20 Seconds To Live"

(Ben Rock) #41

Yes - that’s one of the strategies.

Keep in mind that the vast majority won’t follow you back but the ones who do, who aren’t bots, those are your core audience.

We truly enjoy interacting with people who like the same kinds of stuff that we do. It’s a big part of the fun. Finding those people is an ongoing process but it’s worth it.

(Meg Carroway) #42

Are you guys not on YouTube OR Vimeo then? Where did that argument end?

(Bob DeRosa) #43

Yes, that’s the trick. We follow the accounts of people who might be into our show. We follow horror fans, other web series, indie filmmakers, actors and writers, anyone who might dig what we do. I make sure to follow people that are generally active (have tweeted within the last day or so). Using crowdfire, I unfollow small groups if they don’t follow back BUT I give them at least a week or two. Following someone and then unfollowing them the next day is lame.

(Ben Rock) #44

The same advice I give to my old self. Make stuff, make it constantly, don’t be precious about it. Making things is so much more satisfying than taking meetings about maybe making things.

(Ollie R) #45

Don’t you mean #lame? #getwithit

Thanks for the help! This has been really useful!

(Bri Castellini) #46

Is there anything you think other web series creators should be doing more often? Trends you’ve noticed in things other creators are overlooking that they really shouldn’t?

(Bob DeRosa) #47

Make stuff faster. Don’t hesitate so much. I wrote a script for Ben to direct years ago for 50K on weekends and people starting reading it and saying, this is good, you can get more money! So we went down the rabbit hole of financing and producers and ended up never getting anything made. it was a huge lesson, one we’ll never forget. If you can shoot it, shoot it. Don’t wait.

(Ben Rock) #48

Adam Green released us through Ariescope and he uses Vimeo for his video embeds. Then later we branched to Seeka TV. We are on YouTube as well, it’s just not our “go-to” player of choice. YouTube is a great place to find original content but it’s not really where we find our audience.

I should note that Facebook has been GREAT for us as well, using their native player. Honestly, most of our audience is more likely to find us there than on YouTube.

(Bob DeRosa) #49

We were just on and their youtube page for a while. Now we have our own youtube page, but it’s pretty low-key at the moment. We actually got the most views on Facebook, and I still send people to both Ariescope and Seeka. At this point, I’m fine with being everywhere we can be. I just want people to see our show.

(Meg Carroway) #50

Aw man well I hope Facebook gets its video act together soon then- I really hate their interface.

I guess I already kinda know this answer but you suggest putting your content in as many places as possible? How do you decide which platform to promote when you’re promoting your show? So as not to confuse people/get the most returns?

(Amen J.) #51

How did you find the audience for this show? That’s what I read a lot about, try not to make your show for everyone…

(Sunny Larkson) #52

Will you keep making episodes forever, or do you have a finale planned? Or any new projects in development??

(Ben Rock) #53

I agree with Bob on that one. I still regret giving in to the Siren Song of potential money. Doing the work is the reward.

(Bri Castellini) #54

Alright all, it’s technically the end of the event, but if our gracious hosts want to stick around for a little while to wrap up the final few straggler questions, up to them!

In any case, huge big thanks to @thembob and @Neptunesalad for being here today, for being awesome, and make sure to check our their show 20 Seconds To Live on all the platforms it’s available on!

(Ben Rock) #55

I’m happy to answer any questions as long as anyone asks.

(Ben Rock) #56

Honestly, we made the show for ourselves. It’s our combined sensibilities. After we’d made three episodes, we started thinking about what to do with it. Then we made two more and we thought we were ready. Then we talked to Adam Green and he asked for two more. But we were first and foremost trying to make ourselves laugh.

(Meg Carroway) #57

Thank you, @thembob and @Neptunesalad! You guys were awesome! And thanks @stareable and @Bri_Castellini for bringing so many cool things to the rest of us!

(Amen J.) #58

Love it, thanks you guys!

(Ben Rock) #59

Thank YOU!!!

(Bob DeRosa) #60

Basically, we started with Ariescope and when our exclusive window with them ended, we just started putting it everywhere. So we kind of backed into that decision. When it comes to promoting the show, I sometimes do tweets with all 3 of our platforms listed, sometimes just Seeka and Ariescope. Or sometimes I’ll do just one direct link. Those links are for new followers so honestly, I don’t care where they first watch our show. When we finish our second season, we might focus a bit on where we want people to see it, but that remains to be seen.