Bob DeRosa & Ben Rock, co-creators of "20 Seconds To Live"

(Ben Rock) #61

We will make a 2nd season and see how it goes from there. This project is out sandbox and I hope we can keep messing around in it until we don’t have anything else to say with it.

(Bob DeRosa) #62

And also, I like putting eyeballs on both Seeka.TV and Ariescope. They’ve been good to us, and I like being good to them. That circles back to what I was saying about being generous. We want everyone to be successful. We’re all part of the same community so I worry less about numbers of views and more about, let’s all make/show/watch cool stuff!

(Bob DeRosa) #63

Thanks, everyone! This has been fun! You can see our show at:

Our show is NSFW, by the way.

(Bob DeRosa) #64

And please say hi over on Twitter.

@20STL is our show

I’m @thembob and Ben’s @neptunesalad

(Ben Rock) #65

I’ve found in the horror world that it’s hard to get product placement for an item used to bludgeon someone to death.

(Ben Rock) #66

We made LOTS of mistakes, but the first season was all about learning what works, finding our tone, etc. so it’s not like we didn’t fuck up left and right, but when you’re starting a new thing like this your mistakes lead to solutions that lead to the way you continue doing everything.

(Bob DeRosa) #67

Oh, and we took BTS pix during our first season but NO BTS footage! Could kick myself. Totally recommend (if you can) to have someone dedicated to shooting as much BTS stuff as you can. That’s all social media GOLD!