Brainstorming A Best Practices For Our Presence On Youtube

(Jonathan Hardesty) #1

Just tossing up a quick and dirty thread where we can hash out what organizing our YT strategy would look like in terms of liking each others’ videos, commenting on all of them, sharing them out via YT’s tweet feature, including twitter handles in the video titles to trigger the @-reply, etc.

What would this look like? And how could we simplify all these steps so they’re too easy to NOT participate in? Does this look like a google sheet? Maybe there’s a thread with upcoming video releases and we plan our likes and shares?

I said this in the webseries chat and truly believe it: if people see other people having a good time on these videos, they’ll want to join in. We don’t like missing out, right?

Let’s hash this out.

(Bri Castellini) #2

Email actually might be a great way to organize this. The rule would be no reply-all unless it’s a clarification for everyone, and no discussions. Discussions can happen here on the forum- the email thread is just to share promotions.

I think a big thing for tweeting/@-replies is everyone taking responsibility for writing their own copy. Pre-writing a tweet and/or Facebook post, including your @ handle and the link, so that people just have to copy-paste. I’m in another email thread of women in film and they do that, which I think is brilliant. That way no one has to go hunt down usernames or figure out a way to boil down the concept on their own.

(Andrew Stevens) #3

If a mailing list or anything gets put together here, I’d definitely be interested in participating.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #4

What does that look like with the women in film email group you’re in? And how do you organize the usernames, evergreen tweets and FB posts, etc?

(Bri Castellini) #5

@hermdelica @whoisjonporter @SnobbyRobot @filmwritr4 @JasonRyan @DarekKowal @ghettonerdgirl @mkatiehunter @mintypineapple @Anthony_Ferraro @OSTSG @samlockie @MileHighNancy @Thomas_Tulak @kmd

(Bri Castellini) #6

Literally people send a group email to the entire thread (I think it’s actually a Google group) with a subject line that indicates they’re asking for something, usually “WEDNESDAY ASK: help me spread the word about xxx”

Then in the body of the email after explaining what their deal is, they give you a pre-written tweet, like:

Watch the official trailer for the new comedy series about mental health, #SamAndPatAreDepressed by @[twitterusername], here! [link] [hashtag]

Or something similar. There isn’t a system for evergreen tweets, it’s just if someone wants the group to help them promote something, new or old, they send an email with a prewritten tweet or Facebook post that people literally just have to copy-paste, no additional thinking needed

(Erik Urtz) #7

Is the goal to increase actual activity on youtube channels, or to automate the ‘discovery’ process.

A major issue everywhere is the spam. We get the spam on Facebook, webseriestoday is all spam. Once something devolves into spam it stops having purpose. It’s also important to know that there is a LOT of content out there, and once people see catch on you could drown in the spam.

Let me think on this on :slight_smile:

(Gabriel Crutchfield) #8

Whatever we decide on, I’m in.

(Bri Castellini) #9

Anything to add? Ideas for making it easier on everyone/not spammy?

(Bri Castellini) #10

Super fair point. Yeah I basically don’t go to the main web series facebook groups anymore. The tweets and stuff I think we should try to keep to JUST the most important stuff, but when a new episode or thing goes live, I think an email to the group with “hey here’s the link- can everyone go like it and comment on it?” is fair, especially if everyone is invested in it. Might not bat 1000 on getting every member to do it every time, but it’ll be more organized that it is now

(Gabriel Crutchfield) #11

I’ll need to think on it.

(Bri Castellini) #12

Another thing that helps in my aforementioned women in film email chain is that it has a moderator- someone who kicks people out of the group if they spam, if they reply-all too often (which in turn ends up spamming), or if they don’t follow the other guidelines when they have an ask. Keeps it from just being a free for all.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #13

Yeah, the spam problem would be a big hurdle to overcome, especially since it can delve into that at the drop of a hat. I don’t have a good solution for that either and want to think on it some more. And I think some of that treating YT comments like forum threads is that the vlogs would really help with that, or quick discussion prompts. Or maybe conversation threads just happen on the channel.

YT still has a discussion section on each channel ( here’s flagons: ) that’s seemingly separate from the actual video content. There’s opportunity there, I think?

(Joseph Steven Heath) #14

Yeah, I would worry about being spammy, too. I definitely don’t want to share things willy-nilly without having checked them out first. But if it was something I liked and wanted to support, I would definitely like, comment, and share. I could see maybe a list of “Here’s things to watch and share” then going through them when I have time and then sharing the ones I like and etc.

(Bri Castellini) #15

That could be another thing- if you’re asking for comments, you have to also give a prompt, preferably that’s related to the episode or vlog.

Not sure what the discussion thread does for us in this context.

I think the trick is to make it really formulaic and simple: maybe make a standard form that people have to follow? Something like:

Ask: Like/comment on my new episode!
Show: Sam And Pat Are Depressed!
Link: [link]
Comment Prompt: On a scale of 1-10, how depressed are you? Be excruciatingly specific.
Extras: If you like the show, please consider tweeting about it or sharing on Facebook! Here are some pre-baked posts you can copy/paste: [tweet/FB post]

(Bri Castellini) #16

It could also be a system of:

If you’re indifferent: Like the video!
If you’re into it: Like AND comment on the video!
If you’re a fan: Like, comment, and SHARE, using these prebaked tweets so you don’t have to come up with your own! [prebaked tweet]

(Bri Castellini) #17

No one should ever feel pressured to share something they didn’t like/ aren’t comfortable sharing for whatever reason. But if everyone goes in on this together, helping each other get that initial bump of even just views and likes will be so helpful.

(Joseph Steven Heath) #18

I am down for this.

(Melissa Malone) #19

I like the idea of a premade form as suggested by @Bri_Castellini . Makes life easier and boy do I love intense organization! :wink:

(Melissa Malone) #20

Meant to post that from here- Didn’t even know I HAD another account. Lol Whoops.