Brainstorming A Best Practices For Our Presence On Youtube

(Bri Castellini) #21

Did you have any other ideas for what should go on the form? Not all fields would have to be filled out every time- that gives us some flexibility

(Bri Castellini) #22

@ajay just made a good point that we can make this a Facebook group that’s secret and invite-only. Less spammy than email!

(Jonathan Hardesty) #23

Oooh. I like that.

(Kyla) #24

for the aforementioned pre-baked tweets, it’s really helpful to provide many options for the tweets. say I see a tweet about sam and pat and I want to know more, so i go into the hashtag used or I search “sam and pat” and all I see are the same two tweets copied and pasted by a bunch of people over and over again because they all have the same hashtag or keywords. that makes me not want to watch sam and pat because a) they’re spamming, b) it looks super fake and like a scam, and c) I want to know more about this show, like other people’s reviews, which is why I made this search and now I can’t because it’s filled with the same two tweets and I’m not invested in this concept enough to search for information. if you give out 10 pre-baked tweets, sure, people might double up, but at least it’ll be diverse enough that people will think people genuinely enjoy the webseries rather than people thinking it’s a scam. also, instead of super pre-baked tweets, you can have like… half pre-baked tweets? like you could provide a link to the tweet from the webseries account with the new episode link or whatever you’re promoting, and you could get people to quote the tweet and just say “watch this webseries”. that’s it. they can add more detail if they’re feeling it.

(Melissa Malone) #25

I think that works pretty well, actually. Only thing I could think to add would maybe be a “Preferred #”? Extras would cover anything else. I also like the idea of a private FB group to help with the spam issue.

(Gabriel Crutchfield) #26

I like the Facebook group idea. If it is invite only and we police it, there shouldn’t be a problem with spam.

(Bri Castellini) #27

And if there is, we can easily remove them.

(Bri Castellini) #28

Thoughts on a group name?

(Bri Castellini) #29

ATTN THREAD MEMBERS: I HAVE MADE A SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP! We can continue discussing edits/ best practices here, but I figured the best way to get this going is to get this going. Please add me (Bri Castellini) on Facebook and I’ll add you to the group, because apparently that’s the only way you can get added to a secret FB group. I am very easy to find online so hopefully this won’t be a problem. For now, myself, Stareable, and @movieguyjon are admins, but we can reorganize things as we go.

WebSeriesChat Recap (kinda)- how to maintain a work/life/film balance and how to manage burnouts
(Jonathan Hardesty) #30

Just looked over the FB Group and it looks great, and is very organized. Would it be a good idea to add our generic youtube links to the group with the subscriber hack mentioned elsewhere in this forum? It’s made a difference, however small.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #31

Shared your series through the FB group using the template you wrote out, and I commented that I shared as sort of a timestamp to myself that I shared today. That way I’m not doubling up and getting spammy on my feeds.

(Bri Castellini) #32

That’s smart! And as for your other thing, we can start a master doc with all our channels!

(James Peniata) #33


How does one become involved?

Do I simply add you on FB @Bri_Castellini ?

(Bri Castellini) #34

Yup! Then I’ll add you to the group

(Collab Feature) #35

Hey Bri, I just friend requested you and also Ian Bonner, the other half of CollabFeature too. If this group is still happening we’d love to participate.

(Bri Castellini) #36

Hey! We’re actually doing this on the forum now, in a way that makes WAY more sense! Every Friday we have a Shameless Self Promo thread (example) :slight_smile: