Bri Castellini AMA- producing, writing, directing, having no money

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Thank YOU! :heart:

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Probably do Stray first though and then we’ll figure out the rest afterwards. I make as any things as I do because each time I make something, the thing connects with a new person, and eventually one of these people’s gotta have money or influence, right??

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At least one person whose web series I’m working on right now is in this chat so I gotta be careful but…

There’s nothing like bringing your own work to life. I’m a writer at my core, before I’m anything else. Sometimes I’m a writer before I’m a person. So watching my words get spoken by an incredible actor and watching people laugh at jokes that previously existed only in my head is the most validating feeling in the world. I love helping friends make their projects a reality, but my own work will always be the heart and soul of why I do what I do.

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There really isn’t an “other than school” haha. I have a preexisting network here who I can tap to make new things with, which is nice, but mostly I just can’t afford to move right now and I prefer cold weather in general so until it’s absolutely imperative that I move to LA to continue my career, I’m probably sticking around :slight_smile:

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What suggestions would you have for prioritizing a web series project alongside day job(s)?

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Aaah! Thanks! Right now I’m producing @Pablo’s second season of Stray, the first few episodes of a show called The Mother Lode, and a short film I co-wrote with my Brains co-star Colin Hinckley (@hiamandataylor this is cute Ace and Anxious redhead FYI) that we’re filming in January.

After all that, I have another short film that’s actually a proof of concept for a full length TV pilot I wrote and want to direct. And maybe Sam and Pat season 2?? WHO KNOWS! THE WORLD IS WIDE! I wanna do everything always forever.

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That is awesome! Congrats and best of luck to you with those, Bri!

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I like to have as fleshed out of an outline as possible, at least in terms of plot (what events need to take place in what order) and then I just write like I’m running out of time until it’s complete. Then I send it to Chris Cherry, mythic figure in today’s AMA apparently, and he tells me what sucks and then I rewrite it and eventually I share with other people and do a table read and make adjustments based on actors feedback and whatnot.

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Google Drive and Google Calendar. I send everyone invites to calendar events for shoots we’ve agreed on so that Google sends them reminders even if I forget to. But mostly I just keep myself on track with lots of text to do lists.

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Figure out where there’s overlap (I can tweet for me while tweeting for Stareable, for example), and figure out what times of day you’re most effective during. For me it’s mornings on the weekends because I can work for as long as I want without having to go to my day job and can just relax and do my stuff. But maybe you’re someone who can knock out web series stuff before heading to the office or someone who comes home after a day of day job and can write into the night. Just figure your own stuff out and stick to that schedule!

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Thanks, Chris!

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Alright looks like everyone has peaced out, so huge big thanks to ME and and huge big thanks to ALL OF YOU for making it seem like I’m important enough to ask questions of! You’re all amazing and I learn something from all of you every day and I’m so honored to get to hang out with you guys as a job. :heart: :heart:

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You’re very welcome and thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us, @Bri_Castellini! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, and to all of us!

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Can’t wait to watch! Thanks for doing this- this was such a great AMA to just read through!