Bummed on new Amazon rates...ISO Streaming platforms

Hey Guys, creator of web series The Benifits of Gusbandry here. I’m super bummed about the rate slash Amazon Video Direct just heaved upon their indie creator community.


We also stream through Vimeo On Demand and Seed and Spark which are much better but don’t have nearly the traffic.

Any decent-well paid streaming platforms to recommend for episodic?



Have you looked into Seeka TV? They’re doing a lot to support the web series community.

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They aren’t well-paid, though. Or paid at all, tbh. I know they’re hoping to put a revenue model into place this year but as of now, being on Seeka is guaranteed no $$

Check out this distribution article, though, Alicia: some of these places are pay wall and some have revenue share opportunities. Can’t promise they’ll be what Amazon was, but they’re something!