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Does anyone have an opinion on DSLR versus Camcorder? I’m thinking about getting the 4K Camcorder, ORDRO AC3 Ultra HD Video Camera

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@hermdelica,, @LisaEbersole, @Alicia_Carroll, @EmilyScott? Any perspectives?

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Unless you have a buttload of money, I’d steer clear of 4K for a few reasons.

Not a ton of people have 4K capable viewing options. They’re out there but they’re still expensive, so 4K resolution is a much smaller market…

It gives you more flexibility in post, yes, BUT you have to have money and/or the capabilities to handle footage that large. Not to mention you have to pay for the storage to store and back it all up, which could easily run you 1K depending on how long your series is. Many people spring or a fancy camera package and are trapped in post production for forever because they can’t handle the workflow on their system.

Those are my general thoughts but it would be helpful to know if you plan to purchase or rent. If it helps, I own a Blackmagic Pocket4K. It’s not a perfect camera if you ask your average DP, but it’s good for my uses, and it’s 4K capable. So if I want to shoot 4K Raw or whatever I could. I won’t…but I could. I like having the option, and it’s an affordable unit, versus other comparable cameras out there.

Many people like mirrorless, I know plenty of folks who swear by their GH5s, or A7S. I think there are plenty of other things to consider aside from just resolution - 4k or not 4k. If you’re operating it yourself, you want something you can actually use. So if you’re not a camera person usually, opt for something more user friendly, perhaps? Make sure to consider the sensor size and mount, is the mount easy to adapt to? Are the lenses stupid expensive or affordable? I would check out NoFilmSchool or other camera-heavy blogs for one of their “Should you buy” posts.

All that being said…if you’re planning to rent, just ask your DP what they want and then have them lower it to whatever’s in your budget range.

Hope that’s helpful!

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I’ve never used a DSLR so I wouldn’t be able to offer a comparative opinion

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Any other @Cinematographers care to weigh in?