Can't get anything off SD card SOS

(Kyla) #1

hey pals! what’s up, it’s ya girl with another mini-crisis.

I have an SD card that was 100% functional and working, and then one day it just wasn’t! how delightful! I put it in my computer (which is a mac) one day to upload scenes and it didn’t upload properly, and then when I took it out and put it back in again, my computer didn’t recognize it and gave me options to like initialize it or whatever. I tested it on a friend’s computer (also a mac) and it didn’t even come up, and my camera has refused to recognize it so I can’t even transfer the clips over to my phone from the camera.

the internet says that I have to erase everything off the SD card to make it work, but it has one scene that involves a lot of people + a lot of script + and a complicated prop, another scene that involves the making of said prop that took hours, a scene that took place outdoors and was a general hassle to get done, and another scene that doesn’t have any of those complications but I just reaaaaaally don’t want to reshoot it. or anything, for that matter.

has anyone else run into this? any ideas on what to do? I’m like… shook to my core by this and I want to exhaust all possible options before erasing & reshooting.

(Herman Wang) #2

Maybe try a non-Mac, just in case?

(Bri Castellini) #3

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(Jerome Keith) #4

Something similar happened to me after I did headshots for a friend once. Luckily my camera still recognized it so I was able to export it through my phone app. I’d agree with trying a non-mac to see if it’ll work, but if the camera won’t recognize it you might be out of luck

(Travis Grossi) #5

Oh man. Not much to offer except trying another comp and know that I’m over here, praying for you and sending you all the good vibes right now! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

(Erik Urtz) #6

Not to be negative but this sounds like card failure. This happens sometimes. I’ve never personally ran into it but this is why I always try to have a backup of everything, and no one leaves the set until all the data is safely copied and duplicated to multiple locations.

(Kyla) #7

update: just tried it on a non-mac and the computer couldn’t recognize the card and I’m like… actually about to cry right now oh my god

(Bri Castellini) #8

Oh nooooo :frowning:

(Herman Wang) #9

Does Best Buy (or others) still have that in-store tech support service?