I just realized I need captions for my project before I can get it on Amazon. Does anyone have a good recommendation? Thanks!

A few options:
(1) is probably the cheapest, but check the captions to make sure - sometimes the translators will misspell things. I usually prepare a timed dialog list and send it to them along with the video.
(2) You can use Premiere to create your own captions.
(3) You can use SubEdit or AegiSub (open source) to create your own subs/CCs.

SubEdit: Subtitle Edit

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I’ve always done my own captions (which I used when I submitted to Amazon). Here’s a handy walk-though: How to Easily Close Caption Your Series With YouTube


I used Rev for all of my episodes - the price can’t be beat, although I always check the captions before adding to the videos mostly because my series has a lot of invented vocabulary. Some of their editors are better than others. I’ve had virtually perfect captions and some that needed a bit of tweaking.
I think the most fun is reading the description of the opening music; since it’s usually a different caption editor each time, they give their own spin on it.:smile:

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Just to add to this - it’s also a good idea to add captions even to your videos on YT or Vimeo channels, unless you want to trust in the default captions…not.

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I’ve been using Amara to create captions for my short-form web series ( and it’s been working well for me. I find it pretty simple and intuitive (though it’s the only one I’ve used… so can’t really compare to anything).

There is a free and a paid version; so far free has been enough for me. As I understand it, the main benefits to the paid version are that you can upload/store a video directly on the site (rather than it being available on Youtube/Vimeo) and you can give access to multiple people if needed.

The owners of Seeka TV have created a captioning tool for MacOS. I’ve never used it but it’s probably worth checking out

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Thanks everyone! I ended up trying and was shocked at their speed and accuracy. I had my first episode of 40 minutes back in 7 hours. If I had tried to do this myself I would never be finished. Thanks for the feedback and if you haven’t tried you must especially at only $1 per minute.

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That really does sound fast. If I ever do episodes longer than six minutes, I might hit them up.