Cast and Crew on Show Pages?

Does anyone else have difficulties getting their cast or crew to sign up on the website to get their credit filled out for their show page? Almost wish we could just manually put the cast and crew in as empty accounts that they can fill out later if they ever decide to click on the invitation link?


Hey Jon- can you tell us specifically what the issue seems to be? We’d love to help make the process smoother! The reason we require the verification step is that we didn’t want creators to be able to add credits incorrectly or erroneously without check, nor did we want a series of disorganized credits of the same name/person (occasionally with misspellings) that we’d have to track down later on to unify under a single account. If we can be doing something differently to make it easier, though, let us know and we’ll get to work!

CCing @langatan (Head Of Technical Stuff)

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Oh, it’s more of a personal gripe than a technical one. I appreciate that the steps are there, but when you have a cast and crew that doesn’t sign up for websites it can be frustrating. I didn’t intend it as a call out of the technology so much as a gripe against trying to convince people to sign up. :stuck_out_tongue:


We have this problem in general as well :slight_smile:

As a creator- what would be useful for us to offer your cast/crew mates to encourage signups or make it worth their time? We saw profiles as a natural first step- the ability to add a headshot and bio alongside other Stareable (web series) credits. What should our second step be?

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I’m not exactly sure of a good second step but what if for actors there were more of a way to treat their profile like an actor’s resume? Emphasize their photos? Headshots? Demo reels? Idk.

So the ability to have more than one image here?

The reel idea is interesting, especially given we’ve finally built the video embed engine! Definite food for thought. Let us know if your specific cast/crew or you have new ideas here- the profiles were built pretty quickly so we know there’s lots left to do!

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Yeah, something like that. I know for myself I wouldn’t need extra pictures because I’m mostly a writer and producer and not in front of the camera. But I imagine being able to see a gallery of images featuring the particular actor in action might be useful from both a casting perspective and for a showcase perspective. I can let the finished product speak for me, but actors might only have stills. Just some thoughts and trying to guess what would incentivize more people to sign up and get their credit for my show. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wonder what the perspective is for crew members- DPs, gaffers, writers, producers. @chelsaat as a producer of many things, what would be useful to YOU to have on a Stareable page?

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All thoughts are great thoughts! We’re a :baby: of a company and we need this kind of feedback to make sure when we grow up (hopefully) big and strong, we’re doing it with you all in mind.

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i’m definitely having an issue with this-- i’m working on populating pemberley digital’s pages & the page for artificial, but have less than half of the cast/crew invited on the pages i’m starting with :sweat_smile:

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I can only say that I had a feeling wrangling people to sign up would make this a challenge… Perhaps adding some sort of verification process, where a producer can add information about a member of their cast / crew, and certain aspects of it have to be verified by the person - as in a ‘click her to verify.’ This is kind of how Facebook works… people can tag you or make additions to your profile that you have to verify / allow to make them show.

I guess this might require some sort of dummy account creation in the backend… you could automate a confirmation / join request to the actor / crew member based on a supplied email address. Heck theoretically if a producer adds a phone number this could even be done via txt, but I have no idea what systems you have in place.


In my neck of the woods, the actors I know complain that the casting sites they go to aren’t working for them anymore; either they started charging subscriptions or the jobs just dried up. Maybe web series casting is a way to go here?


Seconding this. I find in general that it takes multiple emails to get cast/crew/supporters/fans to do a given action. That’s not their fault - it’s pretty much average. You’ll probably go to a movie/museum/concert/crowdfunding campaign after you’ve heard about it 2-3 times, not just once.

Folks are busy and have many things on their plate; asking them to do one more thing may be more than they can do right now, but if you remind them of it in a month they’ll be like 'Oh shit yeah let me do that."

So when I’m sending out “hi our project is still alive” emails I usually repeat the last two emails’ worth of requests (“send me your projects for the next e-mail blast” or “sign up with Stareable”).