CASTING/CREW CALL: "Bastard Territory"- Dallas, Tx

(Grace Yusuf) #1

Hey guys! My name’s Grace, I’m starting series named “Bastard Territory”, taking place in the 70’s through the late 80’s, the story details the story of a group of unusually connected people who have found themselves deep in drug trade with an Australian who seemingly comes out of no where. Its a promisingly invigorating watch and even more exciting to be apart of. I would love to form a crew of people who would be interested in participating in this project. Writers, directors, producers, actors, videographers and anyone else who could help are all invited to take part! Males and Females of any race will be considered! Don’t be afraid to message me for more information and details!

(Sharon Wilson) #2

I am an actress in Texas, looking to explore my talent more. Would be a great asset to this series.Very interest in this. Thank you

(Grace Yusuf) #3

Hey Sharon! Thanks for showing interest!.Please email me at, let’s talk!

(Taylor Rejoice Latimore) #4

Hey I would love to be apart ! Please

(Grace Yusuf) #5

please email me @!