(Frank D. Rivers IV) #1

I would be interested in acting and even improv. Is there any sessions or places folks know about to show their talents? Or to see if its something that is suitable for them?

(Herman Wang) #2

Depends on where you live. In the bigger cities, there definitely would be.

Try talking to the people who run community theatres near you.

(Bri Castellini) #3

I would try to get involved in improv classes or other performing groups- they often have end-of-class performances where you can showcase yourself. Other than that, honestly, the best way to show off your stuff is to make your own content! If you’re not a writer, find a friend who is and collaborate on small sketches or short films or even web series so you have a visual portfolio of your work to show off when you want to audition for bigger roles

(Jonathan Hardesty) #4

Agreed. Make your own stuff and try things. Get a Youtube channel and just put stuff out there and explore your acting. At the start you don’t have to be Daniel Day Lewis, so be imperfect. Fail a lot. Make super dumb videos, and then turn around and try to make a poignant video. Get used to seeing yourself on a screen and get comfortable. Before you know it, you will have a body of work that shows your growth, and along the way you’ll find people who like what you do.

And local classes and performing troupes are also pretty great if you can find them. If you’re in a big enough city, there will probably be a few so you can find what’s right for you.

I have a friend who does voice-over acting and she and a few others started a semi-weekly stream where they play Final Fantasy and other RPGs and voice the characters. It’s them goofing off and exercising their acting muscles.

Hope this helps!