(Graham Taylor) #1

Greetings again! Graham here. As aforementioned, I am writing the screenplay for my first short film entitled “Solus Sum”. It’s about a woman, named Sarah, that wakes up one morning and finds herself to be the ONLY person in a post-apocalyptic world. How and why she is the sole survivor is unknown to her.

I am wondering if anyone would like to collaborate with me in any way on this project. I am based in Colorado. Hope to hear from anyone.

(Mary Mc Gloin) #2

Sounds like an interesting project. I am an actor, writer, producer, among other things. What kind of collaboration are you looking for?

(Graham Taylor) #3

creative collaboration, production collaboration, etc. We’re a starting out film group, and this is our “this is some of what we can do” project lol. Naturally it’s low to no budget. If you’re interested and want to know more, then for faster back and forth feel free to text me at 609-575-6115. Thank you for replying.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #4

Hi Graham, this article might be helpful for you.

(Graham Taylor) #5

What kind of permits and insurances?

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #6

The permit was to film in a public area on the beach without being disturbed. Insurance was required to get that permit. I ended up getting general liability insurance (short term per project) from