Combing Through Comedy: Haven't You Done Well

(Joseph Steven Heath) #1

Welcome to Combing Through Comedy where Joe Heath of Minty Pineapple Entertainments is going to randomly watch comedy web series from Stareable and then tell you about them. Like… I dunno… are they funny?

Today’s show: Haven’t You Done Well

Haven’t You Done Well is a series of loosely connected sketches that mostly involve three guys yelling and covering themselves with various foods and liquids. Some sketches work better than others. Some jokes are a little uncomfortable. But I laughed pretty hard at every single one. It’s straight-up chaotic fun. I could see this not being people’s cup of tea (or #hotsoup), as it is very loud and messy. But it is pretty damn funny. The three guys have a distinct patter and they are just constantly going without slowing down. I feel like it would be hard to maintain that level of intense improv, but they manage to pull it off.

The bottom line: Is it funny? They have done well. But it might not be for everyone.

(Bri Castellini) #2


(Joseph Steven Heath) #3

If nothing else, I hope I’m subjecting you to weird media.