Combing Through Comedy: Killing It!

Welcome to Combing Through Comedy where Joe Heath of Minty Pineapple Entertainments is going to randomly watch comedy web series from Stareable and then tell you about them. Like… I dunno… are they funny?

Today’s show: Killing It!

Killing It! is about an actress and an artist trying to figure out their lives and not quite doing that. But it’s fun to watch. The two leads are hilarious and work so well together. Their conversations feel so natural even when they delve into the absurd. I’m not sure how much is scripted, but it feels like two incredibly funny and talented people expertly riffing every episode.

There are a few bumps with the editing, mostly with the audio, but it doesn’t detract from enjoying the show. The show has an amazing pace and rhythm that you can almost feel.

Slight warning: Episode 6 contains some gore and the plot involves suicide. So for those who are sensitive about those things, tread carefully into that episode. Not to say the episode is bad. It’s just as hilarious, absurd, and fun as the rest of the series, but it may be a bit much for some.

All in all, this show is killing it! I highly recommend checking it out. I can’t wait for the second season. (There is going to be a second season, right?)

The bottom line: Is it funny? Yes!


Most definitely will be a second season!


This pleases me.

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