Combing Through Comedy: SOS: Save Our Skins

Welcome to Combing Through Comedy where Joe Heath of Minty Pineapple Entertainments is going to randomly watch comedy web series from Stareable and then tell you about them. Like… I dunno… are they funny?

Today’s show: SOS: Save Our Skins

SOS: Save Our Skins is about two British guys who travel to New York for a convention only to wake up the next morning and everyone on the planet seems to be gone. Except for a blue monster. These two guys might be the least qualified people to handle this sort of thing.

This show mixes horror, sci-fi, and comedy to a mostly successful degree. The two leads are fantastic and work off of each other nicely. There’s a lot of jokes, but there’s also a decent plot tying everything together. There are a few things that are a tad too coincidental or don’t quite go anywhere (again, the blue monster), but overall the story is well-written and plotted. Also, it’s absolutely hilarious. I laughed out loud at least once an episode.

That being said there is only one female character and she is fairly problematic in regards to mental illness and one of the leads basically taking advantage of her. It never gets too dark or awful, as the series is largely lighthearted, but it’s that lightheartedness that makes it seem like some of the things going on are okay. And they are not. Thankfully, the worst parts are largely contained in one episode and don’t take up much time. Also episode 10 has a lot of puking. So… head’s up. Overlooking those flaws, the series is inventive, fun, and worth watching. Especially for that glorious ending.

The bottom line: Is it funny? Yes with some quibbles.

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