Combing Through Comedy: The Jerry Seinfeld Program

(Joseph Steven Heath) #1

Welcome to Combing Through Comedy where Joe Heath of Minty Pineapple Entertainments is going to randomly watch comedy web series from Stareable and then tell you about them. Like… I dunno… are they funny?

Today’s show: The Jerry Seinfeld Program.

The Jerry Seinfeld Program is that classic NBC sitcom Seinfeld, which (as some people may not be aware of) was on the air for 21 years. Of course, it’s hard to keep a show up that long, so Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza move to the internet. Then they lose their minds.

The first few episodes are basically just heightened parodies of Seinfeld, but the further into the series you go, the weirder and more absurd the show gets. There’s no Elaine or Kramer. Just Jerry and George stuck in this perpetual sitcom hell. I love it. It’s surreal and weird and can get very dark. It can occasionally go a little too far (head’s up, there’s a homophobic slur in the Cotton Eyed Joe episode), but this is a show that needs to go to extremes. It goes to the edge of a cliff and jumps right off, taking you with it. If you decide to go along with it, well… that’s using your bean!

Fun Fact: Every episode is directed by Adam Conover, who is the creator/host of Adam Ruins Everything and plays various characters on BoJack Horseman. But I know him best from the sketch comedy group Olde English. Here he is in one of my favorite sketches of all time:

The bottom line: Is it funny? YES (but maybe a bit much for some).