Community Critique: Dog People

Hi, everyone! My name is Christi, and my web series is Dog People.

The series is about a woman who fosters rescue dogs, and she falls in love with another woman who adopts one of the dogs.

There’s only three episodes of Dog People, because I made the series for a class. I am the creator, writer, director and editor of the series, which is less than I normally do for my own projects! I was excited to be able to work with a camera person, sound person, set designer, etc.

Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to hearing what y’all think!

Are you planning on making more episodes and looking for advice for what’s coming next, or are you considering a new project and want to learn from this as a completed thing first?

This was fun! Your lead actress is hysterical with the dogs, and has some great comedic timing.

Since you have so few episodes, I’m just going to go one by one with comments.

Episode 1:
-Though many of the jokes land, the fun writing and the solid performances suffer from the edit a bit- it drags its feet and undercuts a lot of the great stuff happening. A tighter edit would make things flow much more smoothly.

  • While I understand why the intro with the “cat person” is important in establishing Rosie’s sexuality, love of dogs, and “no seriously, she loves dogs”, I think it goes on a bit long. The episode really picks up the pace once it actually starts dealing with the tree-climbing pup, and that’s kind of the premise of the episode, so I’d want to get to that sooner. The date scene could have been a full minute shorter, probably.
    -The audio levels are very inconsistent- I know audio is an area where a lot of shows struggle (mine too!) but at least trying to make lines and music consistent will help a lot. It might not be the best sound, but the viewer shouldn’t have to change the volume every other line to hear what’s happening or not get their eardrums blasted.

Episode 2:
-The love interest kind of appears out of nowhere. Did they keep in contact after episode 1? How did she find Rosie at that park? When she shows up again, it seems random, and I’m left feeling like I missed something between episodes.
-There’s a bit of a confusing balance between the dog adoption and the rom com story lines- they seem to be in competition rather than complimenting each other. It feels like those two plot lines are in two different shows, both fun, but not complimentary, especially with names of the dogs and adopters thrown in without much context.

Episode 3:
-A lot of great cuts and shots in this scene. Definitely a tighter edit. Like, her running down the street- I LOL’d
-I still don’t know anything about the two girls, other than our lead is a dog lover and lesbian and the love interest is a dog lover and lesbian. I have no particularly strong feelings about them or their relationship because they’re just props who say things to each other, rather than characters with wants and needs who are active participants in the story. They just don’t DO anything, not really. So I’m left with a fun skeleton but no real meat, if that metaphor makes sense and isn’t too gross.

I think my final thoughts on this show are: cute writing, concept, and acting, a lot of really fun moments, but I’m left wanting with the story and character development.

The series is complete, I’m looking for ways to learn from it for future projects. Thanks!

I liked the naming convention for the episode titles, and I wish you had leaned more into that. I agree with Bri that there seemed to be two competing stories being told at once and I wish there had just been one, or that there had been a better mix… A girl who fosters dogs and has to work to get them adopted is a good solid premise, and a girl looking for a compatible girlfriend is also a good solid premise, but they don’t happen at the same time yet I think…

Also it seems like there is information that we’re not getting in between episodes that would have helped understand the story a little better, like background context and like who these people are to one another. It was a little hard to follow sometimes because of that.

cool stuff. big fan of dogs, here, so this is absolutely my jam.

other people on here have covered a lot of the writing and story level critiques, so i’m gonna just focus on technical things:

  1. sound could definitely use some work, but not as much as many other small shows. just working on consistency.
  2. the colors felt pretty washed out even though the footage seemed like good quality- perhaps boosting the saturation and contrast would help?
  3. more dogs please. just, like, more. forever.

I think your Web Series Dog people has a lot of poteinal. I normally don’t watch short web series but your episodes are just long enough and kept me watching till the end.

I think it is great for Dog lovers and the lesbian community. It also has some humor in it that also kept we watching. I’m not a big dog lover but the lead actress is doing a great job and is playing the role of the Dog Foster Parent very well that he love for dogs also kept me interested.

I think the quality is nice, the audio sounds pretty good to me. Each episodes I see the series getting better as a whole. I like how you keep the production simple and the storyline is very consistent.

Keep going!!

Super enjoyed this series! I think you really have something here. Here are a few of my opinions/suggestions:

I noticed that episode 2-3 the main character had on doggy tees, but not the first. Driving home that she was a dog person on her first date, maybe changing into something dog related or like coming in and sliding on some dog slippers might have been funny.

The kiss at the end of the last episode was super awkward, but the red head, total babe.

Awesome job!

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Hi, good series. It held my interest. Also agree with another poster colors look kind of washed out. Maybe use more cuts - close ups and such to make camera work more interesting. Episode two might have gone on a bit more for resolution.

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Ok I’m going to do the compliments first because those are always nice to hear: I love the protagonist! She is adorable and committed and relatable. Also her love interest totally balances her out. I felt your strengths lied in the close up shots. Nicely composed and pretty to look at. Also the date lighting in episode two looked incredible! Also originally I was just going to watch the first episode but got sucked in!

On the other hand I felt your wide and medium shots tended to linger and get boring. Sometimes the characters would exit towards the camera and it felt uncomfortable. I really loved the moment where we met the love interest and felt that actually could have dragged out longer. I think the in head narration should have been either used more or not at all because it always felt a little out of nowhere.

Over all I really enjoyed it and would love to watch something else you make!

Hello Christi,

I enjoyed you series! Most people have gone over the technical aspects that could use a little tweaking so I’ll focus on the story.

For starters I wish there was a bit more of it. I enjoyed what was there and it left me wanting to see more. I know you said it was for a class so you likely had some constraints on you as far as what you were able to do. But I don’t think I was able to really grasp much about the these characters in the 4 min episodes. I think we could’ve learned more about them if we spent more time with them. Why is Lisa the way she is? Or why does Rosie have such a devotion to dogs?

I like their relationship; though it did seem to move fast but again I’m sure that just comes down to time. Though when Lisa blows up at Rosie over signing the adoption papers it feels really out of the blue. For someone who has been so stoic to show such emotion now over a situation that doesn’t really seem to directly affect her at all. But I love how it was resolved in Episode 3. My favorite episode by the way.

I really like the contrast between Rosie and Lisa. It made and could make for even more rom com relationship difficulties in the future. Off the top of my head I’d love to see these two “dog people” get a dog together that belongs to both of them and explore the different ways they each tackle raising this dog and how that affects their relationship. I think if you really wanted to you could take “Dog People” and make it into a fully fledged series. I hope some of this helped! :slight_smile:

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