Community Critique: Killing it!

(Jonathan Kaplan) #1

Hi everyone! I’m Jonathan Kaplan of Killing it!
Check out our 9 episode first season:

Killing it! is about two idiots, Mares, a self centered actress and Kaps, her optimistic bestie, following their dreams, driven by their delusions, committed to their friendship, til death do they part.

I co created and co wrote all the episodes with Marianne Bayard @Mares, I did all the editing, and for the first 5 episodes we had no director. Our show is DIY as fuck.

We would love to know what people think! While each episode is standalone, I think the season as a whole has a nice poetry to it.

(sam lockie-waring) #2

i’ve watched before but i’m gonna rewatch because 1 it’s dope and 2 i am gonna try to be more critical because it’s so dope and i have a vested interest in you making even doper shit in the future

(sam lockie-waring) #3

ok i think it’s worth a mention that your guys’ comedic chemistry is unreal. the editing can get a little jarring in the middle of episodes especially, when you guys are in deep conversation- i think it’s a symptom of the shooting just because continuity is kind of all over the place and characters tend to jump to different positions between cuts and it can get like confusing to track. sometimes the off kilter editing aids the jokes, but when you haven’t reached the punchline or escalation yet then it’s just distracting. especially when there’s a random jump cut in the same shot- there wasn’t a way to hide those things? they don’t seem intentional in the joke they just kind of are confusing.

but hey- it’s fucking funny no matter what. cannot wait to watch whatever weird shit you guys do next. i am on board.

(Bri Castellini) #4

I mean other than some weird cuts that make it hard to figure out where the characters are in the room sometimes (I think @samlockie did a good job laying out some specifics there), I’m such a fan of this show. Like seriously such a fan. It was a huge inspiration for my latest show (no copyright infringement though I SWEAR!)- focusing on a relationship and a dynamic rather than individual character arcs. I love watching the two of you yell at each other for different things. It’s a little like argument porn which if I’m being honest is definitely my kink. So. This went to a weird place. BYE

(Jonathan Kaplan) #5

Thanks Sam! Yep we really, especially first 5 episodes, just played however we felt the story went, and its raw and not perfect. we are ‘finding it’ as we make more episodes. Thank you so much! We are working on our new season and look forward to fixing our old mistakes and making a bunch more new mistakes!

(sam lockie-waring) #6

go forth and prosper dude- cannot wait to see. would be really interested to see you guys tackle an actual arc though- not for killing it specifically but you guys are very interesting writers and i’m hella curious what that would translate to in a more ‘traditional’ format

(Jonathan Kaplan) #7

Thanks!! That’s what we intend for the new season, as well as introducing new characters and world of the show. totally psyched yall!

(sam lockie-waring) #8

the hype is real

(Meg Carroway) #9

I’m glad you mentioned this because this was gonna be my comment! I’m not really huge on shows without plots- if I wanted to watch a sketch I’d watch a sketch- but you guys were really funny and I would have loved to know more about those characters and maybe even watch them grow??

Also- in one of the early episodes the woman character mentions her boyfriend (or maybe you did? Cant’ remember) but in a later episode she says “husband.” Were we supposed to intuit that she got married something in there? That would have been something I’d like to know more about- that changes a lot of things I felt about her character!

(Jonathan Kaplan) #10

Thank you Meg!

Marianne in real life did get married between the episodes, and we loved revealing she has a husband at that moment. We riff off our actual lives and have been finding what ‘frequency of exaggeration’ they live at. Like episode 8, we are so comically congealed, where episode 5 might as well just be an actual conversation. But we are happy to find it in the episodes. We never pretended to ‘know what we’re doing’, and a primary creative drive is having fun and making eachother laugh.

(Joseph Steven Heath) #11

First off, I love the show. You guys have great chemistry and everything flows pretty nicely. What everyone else was saying about the editing? I think it’s less the video editing and more the audio editing. There’s some harsh audio cuts that throw me a bit off. Crossfading the audio would probably help that be less jarring. I’m also not a fan of the close-ups of the wrist cutting, as it felt way darker than anything else. I was fine with them doing it, but actually showing it seemed a bit much. Still though, I loved it and look forward to seeing more!

(Jonathan Kaplan) #12

Hi Joseph!

Thanks for watching our show! Yes audio! The bane of webseries. We have been thru it and our audio has always been just rough. Sometimes u just gotta go with what you have.

I know the scene in ep 6 is jarring, but we stand by it. We wanted the viewer to feel revulsion and that Mares fully commit to her flawed logic.

(Evie Marie Warner) #13

Hi @jonathankyall can echo much of what people said here. I think your chemistry is really good. I only watched the season finaly so far. Thanks for following me back on vimeo even though I don’t really have much on there. I will say that while I found iit funny, I didn’t really get it. But not everyone will and that is okay. I applaud you for doing you. You have your own uique style and I espect that. Keep 'em coming!

(Raja) #14

First of all a big congrats to your whole team for this wonderful output. I loved the whole concept of the series even though there’s no story line continuation for each episode but i think that’s what makes it to watch even from the middle of the series.

Okay here comes the critique, as everyone mentioned editing could’ve been handled properly and it really bothers while watching some scenes feedback but apart from that I loved all the comical elements and the acting is topnotch.

Looking forward for the second series :slight_smile:

(Rick McLean) #15

I like it! I think it’s well written, and the performances are good. Perhaps twice I thought the cut might have come a little sooner. I am rushed today but want to come back and see the rest of the season - I know I will!

(Robbie Ru) #16


Hi! I’m new to the community, so I’ll be checking out your work with some constructive and positive critiques. Let me know if you have any questions or would like me to elaborate!

  • The actors are weird and I love it.

  • The lighting could use a bit more work. It’s kind of flat especially in the first episode. You may think about adding some hair lights to help your actors stand out from the background. Additionally, you could also push comedy with lighting. When Mares collapses on the floor that could be a great moment for a spotlight or some really dramatic, over the top lighting.

  • The audio quality is spectacular! Huge props to your audio recording!

  • Some underlying music could be good to sell the comedy as well! Sometimes when the audio is so directly focused on the actor’s voices, it could be a little jarring. So consider a bit of music to help guide the audience toward some laughs!

-The quality was excellent. Your DP did a wonderful job camera operating and nailing some razor thin focus at some parts here.

  • There were a couple of awkward jump cuts, but I definitely see the intent when you did them, for comedic purposes.

  • I think you need more scenes like “Let’s make some money bitches!” That was quite fantastic and really could nail down the humor of the show with more scenes like that, in my humble opinion. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the filmmaking tools at your disposal! Overall, great stuff!

(Jonathan Kaplan) #17

Thank you so much for your input! So much of this first season was just following intuition and using the little we had, but we are really taking the time to craft our next work and learn from what we’ve done.