Community Critique: The Sports Walk

(JustWalking2017) #1

Hey guys,

My name is Dexter Henry and I am New York City based video journalist and content creator. I started a sports web series called ‘The Sports Walk’ on July 1st through my production company Backpack Broadcasting and thus far have produced 11 episodes. There are 2 episodes left in the first season. I am the executive producer of the series but I also have worked behind the main camera used in each episode, I also have edited and selected the music for each episode. Each episode was shot using Canon 70d cameras.

‘The Sports Walk’ is a show where viewers get to take a walk with sports fans and hear their opinions on social issues that connect with the world of sports. Some of the issues that have been covered this season include racism, sexism, mental health and sexuality in sports. Each episode is about 4-7 minutes long for a quick easy viewing experience. Our most recent episode featured Brooklyn Nets point guard Isaiah Whitehead.

I encourage you to check out the series and I would appreciate any feedback. At this point I am definitely looking for creative ways to promote and grow the series. So once again I appreciate any feedback from the amazing Stareable community!

Below I have embedded episode 5 of the series which focuses on Christopher Sewell a gay black man and marathon runner who talks about sexuality in sports.

The Sports Walk (Ep 5): Sexuality In Sports, Athletes Coming Out, Anti-Gay Slur Use In Pro Sports

Watch The Complete Season Of The Sports Walk

(Bri Castellini) #2

Hi Dexter! The social media about this post will go out around 10am ET. Can you give us some guidelines for what, specifically, you’re looking for in terms of critique/feedback? Specific parts of the show you worry aren’t as strong that you’d like advice on?

(JustWalking2017) #3

I’m specifically looking for feedback on the choice of people/guests used in the show as well as topics. I’m also looking for feedback on shooting (shot composition) editing and music selection.

(Bri Castellini) #4

I like the movement. Interviews are easy to do and no one thinks worse of you for making them kind of boring, but this format is fresh and interesting and I dig it a lot. Shot composition seems to be really well done.

I do wish we actually got to see these people in their elements, playing the sports they talked about, or even playing other sports. The walking part is interesting and definitely a better format for a basic interview, but eventually it started to get a little bit old. I wanted intercuts that weren’t just about the walk, since the walk was more a structure than a visual representation of what was happening in the interview. I’d like to see the interviewees interacting with imagery related to what they’re talking about, instead of B-roll of street signs and subways.

(Blair Hunter) #5

Watching now. Will check back in when I have thoughts!

(Blair Hunter) #6

I really, really liked this. And I don’t really care about sports! My one critique would be that the people you interview talk about a lot of names of people I don’t know, as a non-sports person, so I felt a little disconnected from it, even though I really liked the people you talked to and what they talked about seemed interesting. It just wasn’t as accessible to non-sports people, which it easily could have been. So like a visual aid, some fair use footage of the people they talk about. Would also break up the walking footage, which is nice but ultimately adds nothing to the concept as a whole.

(sam lockie-waring) #7

i watched your pilot and liked that you didn’t decide to reschedule your shoot because it was raining. it adds texture and color, especially as your interviewee talks about being a black woman in sports. the rain was a nice (possibly unscheduled) touch. for color and metaphor.

(JustWalking2017) #8

Hey Blair! Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out. I am always intrigued to the response of people who aren’t interest in sports at all. So I am glad that you liked it.

I can totally understand your point about being disconnected. I have struggled with adding both what you and Bri mentioned about adding some fair use footage of the people they talked about. I like it but a bit unsure as to if truly adds to the concept as a whole which you mentioned. It’s something I think I am going to play with for season 2.

(JustWalking2017) #9

Hey Sam! Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you appreciated shooting in the rain. It was the first episode I shot and I had a target date of getting the series out by July 1st and I literally didn’t have any other days to shoot before then. So I had to make ti work lol. Naomi was a great sport about shooting in the rain and I agree I thought it added a lot of texture and color. I hope I have another opportunity to shoot in the rain again.

(JustWalking2017) #10

Thanks Bri. This is very helpful. I am truly going to consider what I use as far as cutaways in season 2 of the series. I think imagery related to what they are talking about can be good. Especially because there are so many sports that are played outside that you can show.

(Alex Barbag) #11

High quality production. It’s easy to watch.

I’m not a fan of the constant music in the background. It might add to the interest level but I, personally, find it distracting.

I also like how we don’t hear the interviewer’s questions.

(Mile High Nancy) #12

I like the camera work. To make it more interesting, I would add b roll of scenes of him running and being with other athletes.