Community Critique: Welcome to our life

Hello everyone!

I’m Raja Duraisamy, me and my girlfriend have been uploading comedy skits on youtube from sept 2017 and came up with an idea to work on the web series called ‘Welcome to our life’ loosely based on our real life scenarios with added comical elements.

It’s a series about a couple from completely different culture and one artificial intelligence and two pet rats live under one roof and what all of them go through on a daily basis.

We don’t have any team basically everything gets done between me and my girlfriend. We both write the script, shoot each other and I take care of editing department,no directors :slight_smile:

First four episodes follows the format where around 4-5 different scenarios that happens on that day and episode 5 & 6 are in different format where we handled only one scenario and elaborated it to the whole episode.

We would love to know what people think and your feedback will help both us to take some valuable decisions moving forward.

Which format of episodes you prefer, episodes 1-4 or 5-6?
How professional is the video output looks like?
Is it better to have a story continuation in all episodes or stand alone episodes would do?
Any technical flaws that needs to be corrected?
Is it worth continue doing series or better to stick with comedy skits?



Hey! I really like your series! Here are my thoughts on your questions.

I like both formats and think if you could combine them so there is one consistent storyline in each episode (that also carries to the next) but with a few funny scenarios throughout the episode, that would be great. So what I’m saying is yes to story continuity and stand alone-ness.

For the latter episodes, I think the timing could be more snappy. I love the slapstick bits like when she keeps smacking the xmas tree. The acting is at times really really good, and other times less convincing. But overall I like the realism, it feels very natural and relaxed. The video quality is fine, I would work on lighting though. The biggest thing I noticed was the sound quality. Sometimes I couldn’t understand what was being said, and sometimes the audio clips. A mic upgrade would go a long way!

I like the AI bit and wonder how you could integrate it more purposely into the story. I was confused at first but I liked it. I don’t know if it’s intentional that the AI is kind of out to get Daria but I love that - maybe play that up even more!

I think it’s totally worth continuing the series! I also struggle with creating plots and story arcs. But I would enjoy seeing where these characters are headed - and watching them grow in one way or another, dealing with common relationship themes, challenges and such. For example, meeting the parents/families.

I am subscribed and am looking forward to seeing where it goes!



Hi Jessi,

Thank you so much for your feedback and your detail comment helps us a lot in improving the series quality, we will take all of them into consideration :slight_smile:

we’re working on the lighting and sound improvement hopefully following episodes won’t experience those issues.

It is intentional that AI and Daria isn’t going to get well along through out the series and working on our next episode story line today!!

All the best for your work too :slight_smile:

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I just started watching but in the first episode do you speed up some of the footage when they’re both getting out of bed? It looked really weird and for no apparent reason.

Having only watched the pilot I definitely think they should be more… organized. Right now it’s just a bunch of unrelated scenes, but in that case you should do one scene per episode or have them make more sense as a series of scenes in a single episode, if that makes sense.

You guys are really cute together, but more focus within episodes and more camera angles so you can speed up the pacing would help a lot. Hope this helps!



Thanks for your feedback and of course your feedback helps us a lot for better improvement.

our pilot episode isn’t well organised could you please watch our 5th episode and provide us any feedback because we’re looking to continue in that format where working on one scene in each episode.



Just watched it! The pacing is still pretty slow for a comedy… also, your guys’ energy is really low, which might be part of editing but also you give yourselves really long lines and in comedies lines tend to be shorter so there can be a quick back and forth. Definitely cut out time between lines when you go from angle to angle- that will help a lot.

On a script level, the writing is a little boring… we spent a lot of time talking about a big Christmas party we didn’t see with people we don’t know or care about and the only joke was “you invited too many people without enough food” which we got pretty early in that story. So it dragged on for a while. The story should always be moving forward… I liked episode 5’s format much better, but the thing you should take from the earlier episodes is that once you made the joke you moved on. Just because you’re focusing on a single story doesn’t mean you just add more dialog… it means add more jokes and conflict and stuff!


Thanks for your feedback again and I have noted everything you mentioned and we’ll try to implement them in our upcoming episodes.


What I liked: you guys clearly have chemistry. The fact that you look like you’re having fun is fun for the audience, and I think you should lean into that more as you continue making things. Even when you’re bickering, there’s a levity there that’s charming. It was really fun to watch you guys.

What could be improved: both @Jessi_Almstead and @HailstoneHarper have already talked about pacing, which I agree with. Another thing is that, even with faster editing, your delivery is lacking a bit. Right now it sounds like you’re both reciting lines, not actually having an argument with your AI or each other. I totally get wanting to do it low key, but having a director who isn’t one of you would really help out, so you guys can focus on the writing and performing and let someone else help with an outside perspective to guide you. I know it helped me immeasurably when I acted with a director (as opposed to without one). Filmmaking is inherently collaborative, and while it’s impressive you guys are doing everything on your own, there’s no shame in inviting a few more people into the process, because that’s when the magic really starts to happen.

Better audio would certainly also help. Even recording audio into your phones and syncing it with the video later would be an improvement- just hide the phones nearby the person speaking (or in a shirt pocket!) for best results.


Hello Bri,

Thank you for your feedback and i’m glad that you liked our chemistry!

Pace of the video, writing, acting along with sound needs to be improved which we’ll work on it and hope to produce more good quality videos in our next episode. Thanks again @Jessi_Almstead and @HailstoneHarper for you genuine feedbacks :slight_smile:



Yeah I think I agree with everyone on the good and the improvements… especially with the “bring more people to the team”! More perspectives can help with editing the writing, taking some of the equipment burden off your shoulders, and directing!


Thanks for your feedback and we’ll try to include more brains in the production.


It can be so hard to ask for help (and way more complicated) but it’s sooo worth it, I can promise that from personal experience :slight_smile:


Agreed with most of what’s been said here. There’s loads of informational tutorials on YouTube about how to simply make things look and sound better, even if y’all are doing this pro-bono. Experiment with these ideas and apply them to your work. You two have great chemistry, but there’s good room for improvement. You’ll learn far more from practicing and doing, and you’ll see that translate into the rest of your work.
As far as adding to your team, this will help. Even some student or hobbiest looking for more content to work on for free can be easy to find if you look in the right places. Looking forward to seeing more from you two!