Comprehensive list of video platforms

Hi Stareable community,

I finished my web series Early Days last year and we’ve been doing well in terms of festivals. I have also recently started to get interest off platforms and was wondering is there a comprehensive list of these platforms by country anywhere?

I know it’s a long shot and if I need to do that research I’ll jump to it but was just curious if one already existed.

Thank you!

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What platforms are you looking for, specifically? We’ve got this article with a few indie streaming sites that accept submissions:

Thank you so much Bri!

This is exactly what I was looking for. Godspeed.

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I can recommend a few:

ViddSee ( - for Asian-related/created content.
Seeka.TV (
DreamAfrica (rebranded as DreamGalaxy) - - they obviously have an Afrocentric focus but they’re very open
Rikaroo Film Collective -
Brooklyn On Demand (BKOD) - Brooklyn-related but the connection could be the creators, the subject, or where it was shot

If you’ve made something that’s related to sci-fi/fantasy/games/gaming, I would check out:

There’s a number that are comedy-related, but I’m less familiar with those.