Considering creating a web series script database

(Chris Hadley) #1

I’ve had this idea in my mind for a while, but I thought I’d articulate it here. Since there are a lot of web sites that offer movie and TV screenplays to read and download, I was wondering if something similar could be created for web series scripts.

I think it would be a great way to educate screenwriters who want to write for online audiences about how to write an effective webisode script that tells a complete story in a short time frame.

If I started such a web site, would anyone here be willing to contribute their work - including, possibly, show bibles and treatments to illustrate how a specific series was conceived? I could also link to watch the episode(s) each script was written for. Thoughts? Questions? Would love to know what you think. Thanks!

(Bri Castellini) #2

I’d be happy to contribute! In fact, I might be able to host the content with Stareable, maybe on a shared Google Drive, so folks could access it and then comment on specific things here in the forum?

Additionally, if folks were willing, I’d love to do a series of development “case studies” here on the forum. In my mind, it would be a particular creator sharing with us the materials you’ve described so we can see the sort of creative process that it took to get something from idea to screen. If people were interested in contributing, I could make up a structure that anyone can fill out and share and we can all see each others’ processes.

(Chris Hadley) #3

Bri, that would be awesome! I’d be very happy to contribute what I have for The Late, Late News, and I’m sure others here would be willing to do the same. Would love to see what we can come up with for this! Thanks!

(Bri Castellini) #4

If you want to start putting folks together I’ll be in touch with a structure :slight_smile: And anyone else here on the forum wants to participate, comment and let us know!

(Marc Unger) #5

I’d be happy to contribute a script from our series “Thespian”.

(Chris Hadley) #6

@MarcU Absolutely! Please feel free to share it! Thanks, Marc!

(Marc Unger) #7

Sure. Just let me know the best way to do that.

(Kyla) #8

I’d love to contribute scripts from To The Max! (however they may need some editing because by the time I was rewriting the last episode I kind of gave up on being professional and had directions such as "Benjamin picks up the phone because he now has a phone in his room because screw you that’s why.)

(Bri Castellini) #9

You’ve read my Brains scripts- that kinda stuff is half the fun!!

(Pat Cavanaugh) #10

I would be into this and would happily contribute scripts from our series Dear Dark Lord.

(Ray Robinson) #11

I would, but most of our scripts are only partially written out. Much of the driving sequences are improvised by the delivery driver. To go back through and transcribe them would be time-consuming.

If I do a series without improv, I would be down though!

(Emma Drewry) #12

i’d throw my show’s up