Creating a Demo for a new web seires idea

(Kallum Weyman) #1

Hello everyone. So I have been brought on board a new web series project. really It’s kind of a surprise to me that I would be working on someone else’s project rather than my own. However, they have the pre-made audience and money to put something together, they are also a great friend and I am passionate about their idea.

I am currently working on their first draft, not sure I can really talk about details of the project but I can talk about it in a roundabout way. So the project is an original sci-fi property. Originally the project was intended to be a motion comic. However, we are realising very quickly that the artwork required would cost us a lot of money.

Our new direction is keeping this idea of a motion comic/web series of 20-minute episodes. We are intending to use actors and taking pictures and create the comic using original either 3d modelled or drawn backgrounds. We would filter the actors to create an art-like aesthetic. My current goal is to create a demo. I am currently studying at a university so I am aiming to reach out to others in other courses to produce the demo. Testing if our ideas work and finding out how practical our ideas are, and the ultimate cost of a pilot.

If anyone has any advice about something I have mentioned. Any advice would be appreciated. I also wonder if there are any female creators/filmmakers who would be interested in reading a section of this script at some point. We have a mostly female cast. The writer tried to write the characters as incidental to the characters but we do want perspective on the characters from female creatives/filmmakers to hear what you think.

(Rodrigo Diaz Ricci) #2

I’m going through a small crisis, and yesterday night I’ve discovered the methodology Lean Startup and I think it’s wonderful for what you want to do (demos)
I leave the link in the description. It is very useful and I hope this will be for you.

It is fantastic because creating a small demo not very expensive you will know if, for example, it is useful to use 3D, why not cut papers or also recycled materials and so on.