Creating a DVD Menu That Is NOT a 90s Throwback

(Amen J.) #1

I have finally, painfully, slowly reached the last of my crowdfunding perks to send out to my contributors: DVDs of the first season of The Secret Lives of Public Servants. I do want to make the perk look halfway decent, though and I’m having trouble finding a (free) program to create a menu that doesn’t look like it was wretched out of 90s Microsoft Word Paint.

Any suggestions out there? Also, word to the wise…don’t listen to Indiegogo when they suggest you add T-Shirt/DVD as a perk. Not worth the hassle.

(Bri Castellini) #2

Do people own DVDs anymore?! Crazy. I have never known how to do this but perhaps editing extraordinaires @hermdelica and @movieguyjon have suggestions?

(Bri Castellini) #3

It might be hard for free. What editing software do you use? Apparently iDVD is “real solid actually” (I just texted my little brother for this answer- lol)

(Amen J.) #4

No one owns DVDs, haha…well people selected it as a perk, so I guess they do ;o) . We actually have a VCR and DVD player (combined) at home!

(Amen J.) #5

I have Adobe Premiere CC. I read mixed reviews on iDVD, but if your bro is good with it, I will look into it.

(Herman Wang) #6

I use the DVD editor that comes with Vegas Pro (so not free). I don’t know about free ones out there because it’s always done the job for me.

(Amen J.) #7

I’ll look it up, thanks!