Creating an Extended Universe: Part 2 - The Anchor Point

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Creating an Extended Universe: Part 2 - The Anchor Point

This is a bi-weekly column about how I, Gabriel Crutchfield, creative director of Atomic Oasis Productions, have approached worldbuilding as an indie filmmaker in my series Who Is Jon Porter? and other short films.

The Anchor Point(s)

When creating a shared universe, it’s important, but not necessary to have an anchor point or some kind of central focus. For me, that was my primary webseries, Who Is Jon Porter?

From there I was also able to create a companion series, From the Archives of Department 24. Department 24 are the villains from Who Is Jon Porter?

Interweaving the Threads

For me, I began building this world before the anchor points were ready. And at least one of my short films was retconned into the world. But it all began with This Is Not a Game, in which the character of Jon Porter (although portrayed by a different actor) makes a cameo as he rushes to a porta-potty.

From the same film comes the character of Thomas White, who happens to be the brother of Dr. Joseph White from Who Is Jon Porter? You can even see a photo of Thomas in Episode 3 when Jon visits Joseph at his home.

That’s it for this week. We’ll explore additional connections next time! All of these connected shorts and webseries can be found on the Who Is Jon Porter? channel linked at the top of this article.