Creator Interviews From HollyWeb

(Erik Urtz) #1

So Hollyweb fest just finished up last night, and while I was there I did a handful of concise interviews with creators you all should know on topics I think you’ll be interested in.

I’ll be posting them in here as they are ready. For now I’ll leave you with the first…

(Bri Castellini) #2

Thanks, Erik!

(Erik Urtz) #3

Ya’ll are making videos so I should too :wink:

(Erik Urtz) #4

We sat down with Arthur Vincie @avincie at the HollyWeb Festival this weekend to talk about how he approached festival submissions and marketing for his series Three Trembling Cities.

(Arthur Vincie) #5

Thank you so much Erik! It was great seeing you!

(Erik Urtz) #6

LIVE from HollyWeb: Making the most of your time at a festival with Brianne Nord-Stewart & Paula Burrows

(Erik Urtz) #7

More interviews!!!

How your shit job is preparing you for your creative career with Amen Jafri

(Bri Castellini) #8

@SecretLivesPS !!!

(Amen J.) #9

Omg you selected this as the thumbnail, lol. It was great to connect with you in person, Erik!

(Erik Urtz) #10

Ha! My Youtube thumbnail game is strong.

(Erik Urtz) #11

One last interview for you guys, this one with Jonathan Robbins. Jonathan previously coordinated the IAWTV Awards and today is the festival director at Hollyweb, which is where I originally met him several years back when he was promoting his show ‘Clutch.’ Having stuck around the community for awhile Jonathan has a great perspective on the value of this community.