CREW CALL: Chicago, Sound Recordist, September 18-22, 25-29 (PAID)

(Rathan Krueger) #1

Hi all,

I’m Rathan Krueger and as it says up top, I’m looking for a mic commander (male or female). My film is WAKE UP ALONE and is about a woman who’s so depressed and lonely, she conjures her childhood imaginary friend. DROP DEAD FRED meets MULHOLLAND DRIVE. It’ll be two five-day weeks of work in the second half of September (18th-22nd, 25th-29th) plus a day for sound testing (Saturday the 16th). There’ll be some boom work, but it’ll mostly be lavalier mics on two people at a time. It’d be great if you had the equipment, but there’s some room in the budget to rent them. Speaking of money, I’ll be able to pay $1,100 and a lifetime of gratitude for those eleven days of work.