Critique/ask questions about our new CREATOR REFERRAL feature!

You can now refer your web series creator peers AND save big towards Stareable Fest 2019 submission fees!

Find referral codes/instructions by logging into, navigating to settings, then clicking invite peers from the sidebar! Here’s what it looks like:

@Steve_OReilly @yardlionfilms @steviekayjay @Dane_Bishop @Alicia_Carroll @Davenport @Maissa @Alejandro_Morales

Questions? Compliments? Concerns? Suggestions? Leave them below!


I can’t see this in my settings… looks cool though!

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Do you have a show on the site? It’s only available to creators who’ve already listed at least one show with us

Oooooh. No, then. I guess that makes sense because I wouldn’t get anything out of a submission fee reduction if I didn’t have anything to submit…

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