Critique This Frame: How would you improve this web series shot?

(Amen J.) #21

Yes good point re: whiteboard! That is an easy way to add more interest to the background and some fun visual gags.

(Bri Castellini) #22

@danielmhart We actually did that season 1! And had a full board full of dick drawings on it in an earlier episode hahaha. I think we thought it was too emotional of a scene to add anything funny or distracting? I genuinely don’t remember and absolutely agree

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Examples of dumb shit on the boards:

25 PM

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@danielmhart My shows are not, as you might have picked up, “family friendly” :joy:

(Jonathan Hardesty) #25

For the shots you gave us in the OP the things I’d change (or improve) would mostly be with what’s behind the actors. I like the idea of each of those shots, and especially how the Brains one plays with it a little by having the characters face camera while in a generally “profile” shot. Kinda thematic because their relationship has gone sideways, yeah?

But there IS a marker board back there and I would have a field day with putting stuff on the board. Same with props in the kitchen. I would try and toss in things that don’t make sense to see if they’re noticed, or little callbacks or something oddly specific that would maybe distract a little on rewatch.

(Sandwich Fam) #26

Thanks @Bri_Castellini for sparking this discussion!

For our series Marked we recently had to find ways to spice up scenes with characters sitting at a table and talking to one another (never the most interesting scenario). Especially important when there’s a lot of them!

We decided to try using the vertical angle of the camera to add variety. If a scene was more intimate or intense we’d shoot it from a lower angle so you’d see more of the actor’s faces and emotions. If a scene was creepy or cold, we’d shoot it from a higher angle, looking down slightly on the actors. We found this helped!

For Shot 1, we’d maybe shoot from a lower angle to make it more intimate.

For Shot 2, a higher angle, since this scene seems a bit more cold.

What do you think? Would that have helped?

– John & Lena