Critique This Frame: The new site!

This week we’re doing something a bit different- instead of critiquing a web series shot (or a few web series’ shots), we’re critiquing the site that helps catalog web series for better browsing and discovering indie TV content! This is an especially relevant time to do so because we just underwent a major site redesign!

Let’s look at two main things this week.

The Front Page

The Series Profile Page

What are your thoughts on the new look? What’s awesome? What’s missing? What’s confusing? What could we add to make the browsing or display of content better? We want to hear it all!


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Wow it looks great!! My thoughts so far…

The Front Page:

  • So sleek! But is the only link in the top scroll image the “About Us” page even with other images and text? Seems like a waste! You should def link to the festival when you get to the festival image/text
  • Maybe you don’t need to show all the categories listed because there’s a lot that gets trapped under the fold as a result of all of them and categories like “art” only having 11 shows isn’t something we need to see right away. Maybe just show the top 5 or whatever fits in a single line alongside “all shows”? With a “more categories” link instead of a “hide” one
  • Love the new A-Z filter!! I always wanted to just see alphabetical to browse
  • There don’t seem to be a ton of tags yet and there are a few kinda redundant ones (“tv comedy” and “comedian” under “comedy” is weird)- not sure how you fix that but I do love the new system so maybe time will improve that? (also, are you always gonna show ALL tags under each category? That might get kinda crazy)

Series Profile Page:

  • This looks so clean and sleek compared to the old site! Nice!!
  • It still bugs me that the giant play button in the center doesn’t actually play the video- if you don’t have an embedded or hosted video maybe there should be another way to indicate the link to the show? One that doesn’t cover the image? In this show’s case it doesn’t cover anything up but I know it does on other ones
  • Are shows not tagged as “staff picks” anymore? This show never was I don’t think but I was looking at another one that definitely was a staff pick but it didn’t indicate that anywhere and I definitely think you should indicate it on the page itself instead of just in the filter “staff pick”

Overall, though, huge improvement! Congrats @stareable!

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The A-Z filter is nice, but speaking as someone whose show begins with T, maybe don’t make it the default? :slight_smile:


What would you prefer for the default? (also, would love to hear more of your overall thoughts when you get a chance!)

Either Trending or Staff Picks should be the default!

Btw, this is an editorial decision not a design decision, but I’ve felt like TV shows that happen to be able to be streamed online don’t really belong on this website? Like… you know, Rick & Morty?


Noted! And ditto my above comment to Herman about further thoughts being welcome and appreciated.

And noted x2 on Rick and Morty- I think that was a show that was added super early to the site and it’s just remained there.

True! I didn’t even think about that, I was just happy to see it was now an option :slight_smile:

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Recently Added would give repeat visitors something new fairly often


For me it’s ok. I only have one question: now people cannot leave a review? Only a number of stars?
For me, only a number of stars are better, it is really hard to find a ‘friend’ who write something.
Congratulation to the team!


I’m on the community site way more than the main, to be honest, but some random thoughts:

  • Some sites (like YouTube) have a “hover to preview” feature. You could encourage submitters to upload their trailers to activate that.
  • How do you update the tags on your own show? For example "Female Lead’, among others, is appropriate for ours and would help us get out to more audience.
  • Staff Picks could be further subdivided into individual people, in case someone really resonates with a specific person’s tastes
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I just went through and updated the information for Flagon on the site and I noticed immediately that there’s no way to tell that you have to scroll through the description of the show on a show page. Just looks cut off. Perhaps a better idea for the show page would be to reduce the character limit of the show description and include it all on the show page without scrolling?


You can edit tags by logging in to your creator account and clicking “manage my shows”! If you have issues lemme know!

Try refreshing the page- it’s been doing that with me occasionally but the info is there, it just needs to be jogged a bit

That’s done the trick - thanks!


My understanding is yes, it’s only a number of stars now. The written reviews were discontinued. But I’m not sure if it will continue this way from now on.


I like the star-only reviews. Selfishly, I’m more apt to rate with a star rating versus type out a full-fledged review. Don’t like to type unless I have to. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Bri_Castellini - I would say that maybe something to consider would be streamlining the rating somehow. Not sure how best to go about it, but it’s kind of strange to have to click the leave a review button and THEN rate the show. IDK. Just thinking out loud.


I think that way it is better.
Thank you very much for the reply!

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Thinking out loud is exactly what we’re hoping for! This thread is being directly shared with our tech and design folk so if you have thoughts, small, medium, large, or GRANDE, add them to this thread, everyone!