Critique This Frame: The new site!

(Erik Urtz) #21

I don’t know…

I’m not a fan of the default A-Z sorting.

I know I’ve said this before but you should be looking at ways of promoting and displaying positive community reactions to the shows. In this sense removing written reviews is a step backward. Right now the most prominent button on the show page is one that leads viewers off of it (back to the main page).

The design is still clean, but not polished. The new design, like the old design is not bad, just not terribly exciting. I really do want to leave positive feedback here, but I see a change that was focused on incremental improvement and not on adding features that really increase the value of the platform.

(Bri Castellini) #22

Features including…?

(Erik Urtz) #23

Not to make it about me but I do think my idea about allowing creators to display articles written about their show in places like or elsewhere is a good one. There is so much empty space on the show pages currently and nothing to influence my decision to watch.

Or how about adding the ability for people on this forum to tag shows in their comments. Or an embedded twitter feed, or embedded trailers, or some Netflix style curated lists. The good ideas are the easy part, incorporating them is hard, but that is where your focus should be.

If I asked you what your differentiation strategy was for Sam And Pat Are Depressed, I hope you wouldn’t say “Alphabetical” - lol.

(Bri Castellini) #24

Every new person who adds a critique or suggestion for the new site redesign gets a unique GIF of some of my favorite web series. Help us make Stareable the best it can be for ALL creators!!

(Jerome Keith) #25

For my browser it takes it a while to load, first loading the tags and then the actual shows. Not too long, but just long enough for me to think there was something wrong with the site. Also I agree with some of the earlier comments about cutting down on seeing all those tags right away, it immediately makes my eye start to gloss over.

Is there anyway for creators to add outside reviews to their webseries pages?

(Stareable) #26

We spy with our little eye a new Stareable intern! Everyone say hi to Jerome!

(Erik Urtz) #27

‘Hello Jerome’

(Jerome Keith) #28

Hi everybody!

(Gordon McAlpin) #29

One thing jumps out at me on the homepage:

Mind the long line lengths in the carousel: on an iPad, the left and right sides of the longer sentences get cut off.

(Mark Mainolfi) #30

A few things about the video discovery:

  • I also agree that there should be less tags immediately visible, but I’m so glad we at least have tags now.
  • I also think that there should be some space for a small description of each series, even if it’s cut off. I don’t like that I have to click on each show if I want to see what it’s about.
  • Searches shouldn’t be reset after clicking on a series. Especially if I have to click on each series to see what it’s about, I shouldn’t have to then reinitiate my search after each one.
  • I’m also confused as to why the top trending shows only have 1 or 2 views and 0 ratings. As a viewer it seems like I’m being duped.
  • There should be a link back to the home page after doing a search. I keep thinking “community” is going to bring me to the home page and that can be confusing for viewers.

As for the creator resources:

  • I know that a prominent mission of the website is to network. If so, we should be able to put more information onto our profiles. It will make discovering and verifying people much easier.
  • The Community page is supposed to have a lot of resources for creators, but unfortunately it’s all jumbled up in a pile of forums. I would suggest redesigning the page to include a “Stareable Film School” interface, easy to access links for new webseries creators, somewhere for industry news, a place for stareable news and events, and of course a place for forums.
  • The whole process a replying to a forum post seems confusing right now. Can I reply to a specific post, or can I only reply to the overall forum?
  • The link for submitting a show simply opens up an email to Ajay. I’m sure a lot of people would be interested to know exactly what information you need from the email.


  • Just one last thing-- I know that social media is a big part of this enterprise, so I think it makes sense to display the social media accounts on the website more prominently. Right now, they’re all shoved into the bottom corner, and I would’ve never seen them had I not taken a minute to find them in order to write this note.

Thanks for reading!

(Miceal O'Donnell) #31

For the most part I like it. My only note would be that if I didn’t already know what Starable was, the banner doesn’t scream “web series” or “film.” It could almost be anything. It is clean and easy to navigate, however.

(Bri Castellini) #32

Any features you’d want to see, particularly on the show profile pages? Information you’d like to include? Functions you’d like it to allow?