Crowdfunding during holiday season

(Terrence Patterson) #1

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. My name is Terrence Patterson and I have a question about crowdfunding. I just released the first (2) episodes and we need $$ to film the remaining episodes.

Is this a good time of year to start our crowdfunding campaign? I have researched this and I have noticed that campaigns aren’t as successful during this time of year (holidays).

True or false? Any feedback would be appreciated.



(Bri Castellini) #2

Having crowdfunded for two projects during the holiday season (outside of my control), I can say definitively: don’t. Email is one of the most effective ways of communicating with people about a crowdfunding campaign, and no one is checking their email while traveling/home/ out of office for the holidays. They’re also going to be so distracted by their own lives that your plea for $$ isn’t going to penetrate their feeds at all. I would wait until about a month after Christmas, so people aren’t still in the phase where they’ve spent all their money on gifts and it’s far enough away from any major holidays that you’ll have their full attention.

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(Terrence Patterson) #3

Thank you Bri I really appreciate your feedback.