Crowdfunding: Has anyone here run a "large" campaign?

(Alicia Carroll) #1

Has anyone out there run a campaign with a goal of upwards of 15K? I’d love to chat best practices, advice, etc. The campaign we are launching next year is hefty and I’d love to chat with folks who have done it before, especially if they raised funds through Seed & Spark!


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(Arthur Vincie) #3

We JUST launched our $25K Seed & Spark campaign for Season Two (like, about an hour ago). I’ve been sending out emails for two weeks to friends, made a bunch of JPGs and shared them with the core team, really stressed how important it was that everyone spread the link around through their social media and personal contacts. I’ve made two pitch videos already, now I’m doing the third one (there will be a new video every week)… so far it’s really the same as a smaller campaign but with a larger ulcer and higher stakes.

(Pablo Andreu) #4

Technically, I have, and I’ll respond since I was tagged here, but I don’t know that I’m the right person to ask. Our goal was $15,000 and we reached the Green Light threshold of $12,000, if I’m being totally frank, with a little help from my own bank account.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, but you should know this going into it: I don’t consider my crowdfunding campaign a success, and I’m not sure I would do it again.

After the fee taken out of the payout and the taxes I had to pay at the end of the tax year and how small a percentage of funds were donated outside my immediate network, I realized that I actually could have raised more money, and with much less stress, asking my network to donate directly to me.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that I made a lot of mistakes, not least of which is not knowing how to structure my taxes properly (which I’m still working on resolving).

If you’d like to ask me any questions, feel free to email me at

(Alicia Carroll) #5

What’s the name of the show so I can check out the campaign?

And do you find that making multiple pitch videos has caused a spike in traffic?