Daniela DiIorio - Actor/Voice Over Artist/Costumer/Producer

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Daniela DiIorio is a highly-experienced on-screen and voice-over actress that has appeared in national commercials, TV shows and digital series worldwide. Most recently, she starred in several episodes of TruTV’s sketch series, Six Degrees of Everything, voiced and starred in multiple Purina/Friskies commercials and, co-starred in the successful, digital Pilot, “Binge“, of course!

Daniela had the honor of being the lead in two seasons of the award-winning, critically-acclaimed Hulu digital series, Leap Year, opposite Eliza Dushku, Joshua Malina and Craig Bierko and in one season of the also-award-winning and also-critically-acclaimed digital series, Break a Leg. She has acted in a slew of commercials and brand spots for companies like Samsung, SAP, Zappos, Arby’s, Chili’s and three national commercials that just won’t stop playing for Credit Karma.

As a voiceover actress, you can hear her starring in the newly-released Fullscreen original series, Jay Versace is Stuck in the 90s (playing the crass-talking Tamagachi, Ragu), along with video games like NCSoft’s Blade and Soul (where she plays a variety of characters), a billion cats in multiple digital series for Friskies and in the upcoming Disney/Maker Studios series, Dan is Dead.

Some things you can ask me about!

  • Acting
  • Voice Over
  • Costume Design
  • Producing
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(Bri Castellini) #3

Welcome, Daniela! First question, when did you know you wanted to be in film/TV, and more specifically, when and why did you get into making your OWN content with HLG etc?

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(Meg Carroway) #4

I loved Binge!!! It was so cool to talk to Yuri and Angela about that a few months back. What was your involvement in development/pre-production for that pilot? (and I guess for the rest of the season coming… soon??)

(Jaime Lancaster) #5

Hi Daniela! Thanks for being here today!! I would love to pick your brain on costume design because I feel like I’m totally lacking there. How do you go about deciding on and planning wardrobe, especially for low budget projects?

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(Jerome Keith) #6

Hi Daniela, hope you’re doing well. For people interested in getting into voice acting with no experience what would you recommend?

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Great question, Bri! My HLG crew and I had always been involved in theater and it was just the obvious next step that we wanted to make our own stuff. Yuri Baranovsky always was writing sketches that we would perform and we were in an improv troupe together. When we graduated college we made our own indie film and were going to start going down that route in the business. Then we saw a contest on Myspace (this is 2006!) about pitching your own show to the creators of Its always Sunny in Philapelphia and we decided to enter it. While we didn’t win we gained alot of attention on Youtube from our show Break a Leg, and started getting little jobs here and there and eventually it became our full time job!

(Daniela DiIorio) #8

Thanks Meg! I am actually a producer on Binge! So I was/am heavily involved in the preproduction as well as the production of the show. And I will continue to be, as long as they dont fire me! (ha!) I am one of the leads, Kate as well!

(Marc L) #9

Hello Daniela- thank you for your time today! I am an actor and I am hoping to find more success. Do you have any advice on auditioning for someone who is more inexperienced? Perhaps a major “do” and “do not” in auditions? Thank you!

(Meg Carroway) #10

So as a producer but not a writer, what did you do specifically in development? What were your main, like, jobs in the early stage? (I guess I’m asking more about like what producing means to you and what things you find yourself doing as a producer)

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(Daniela DiIorio) #11

I usually start out wiwth a mood board after reading the script. I then go over that board with the director or the client to make sure we’re on the same page. (I usually make one per character) Then going on that I will break down the script per how many costumes each character will need and how I can “recycle” outfits to make them look unseen to the audience ( this is for low budget productions)

(Jaime Lancaster) #12

What goes onto a mood board? Is it specifically clothes or something else? and how do you decide what each character would wear, especially when it’s for a contemporary show that doesn’t have, like, crazy fantasy costumes or a particular period to match?

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(Lessa Smith) #13

oh my god how tf did you guys get Eliza Dusku in your web series?? THat’s AMAZING!

(Kyla) #14

hey, thanks so much for coming to chat with us!!! how do you “recycle” outfits creatively with a low budget production? do you just swap up what goes with what, or is there a strategy to it??

(Daniela DiIorio) #15

Hi Jerome! I started getting into voice acting because HLG was having me do a lot of VO for Break a Leg. When I moved down to LA I started to look into VO classes, and came across a great teacher/coach in the area Rick Zieff. I put together a commercial reel with him, and I started puttin my stuff out on “pay to play” websites like Voice123, or Voices before finding a few agents in LA and across the country (Thats the beauty with VO you dont have to physically be there) I set up a recording booth in my closet and bought a reputible mic and here I am!

(Bri Castellini) #16

I’m also curious about how a traditional narrative audition differs from a commercial audition!

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(Meg Carroway) #17

What’s a pay to play website? Is it like a job submission site for VO work?

(Anna Bateman) #18

Welcome to Stareable, Daniela! I’m working on writing up some casting breakdowns for a project right now… What are the best and WORST ways you’ve seen people explain a character in a casting call?

(Daniela DiIorio) #19

Hi Marc, The best advice I can give you for auditioning and what helps me, is that I try and memorize sides (the script) prior to the audition. When I walk in the building, I walk in with confidence because I dont know who is around that may be in the room auditioning me. Even if I dont necessarily FEEL confident, I act it! Because if I don’t walk in there believing in myself the person that is auditioning me wont either.

Oh! And I always try and match wardrobe to what I think the character I am auditioning for would look like!

(Marc L) #20

Thank you very much for your response. What about when you are asked to do a cold reading? I have found many smaller projects do not send or have sides prepared beforehand.

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