Daniela DiIorio - Actor/Voice Over Artist/Costumer/Producer

(Jerome Keith) #21

That’s an awesome trajectory! I’m glad to see the “pay to play” sites have results. For searching out agents did you just submit your reel material and credits you had accrued? Or did one reach out to you?

(Bri Castellini) #22

Adding to this- for newbie actors and voice-over artists alike who might not have many credits, how do you suggest they build their reel or a visual/auditory portfolio?

(Marc L) #23

I would also like to know the best way to contact and secure an agent!

(Daniela DiIorio) #24

I definately did not write Binge, and for that matter anything! ha! I helped out with locations, filming schedules, etc. When we were launching our campaign, all of the other producers and I met on a weekly basis to discuss different tasks that we should be focusing on to help raise money for binge as well as different meetings we could land to help get Binge more attention and more attention in the right place, as well as when we were done with the campaign the scheduling of pre production and the different responsibilities we all needed to take on.

(Hailey Harper) #25

This might be totally out of line to ask but I just saw the news that Bill Cosby was officially found guilty for assault and I was curious what your experience has been on sets as it relates to #MeToo. Have you had people be assholes to you/try to cheat you because you’re a woman? (If that’s too painful or uncomfortable to ask -WHICH I TOTALLY GET!!- what advice do you have for actresses who are uncomfortable negotiating on their own behalf when getting hired so they can try to fight the pay gap?)

(Meg Carroway) #26

Do you like producing? I feel like it’s a thing a lot of us end up doing but I’ve only met like two people who actually enjoy it ya know?

(Daniela DiIorio) #27

I do specifically clothing! I pull outfits from different clothing websites, or I go on pintrest and type in something general such as “Green shirt for Teen” and then I screen grab it! Or I make a mood board via Pintrest.

I decide on what each character would wear based on the personality of their character described in the script. If it’s something like this: “Daniela, a moody teenager that obviously has it all put together. A classic overachiever” I would think she would have the latest trends, while looking semi professional and slighlty over professional for highschool. So I would look up office attire, and mix it with somet things that are in style for teens in 2018, by looking up hollister, abercrombie, etc. And throw those on a mood board!

(Daniela DiIorio) #28

For VO, it depends on the specs they give you. I have had narrative auditions give me specs that are the same specs that I have gotten on a commercial audition. Something along the lines of: “Friendly, but knows what she’s talking about, approachable, but with authority.”

(Daniela DiIorio) #29

Confidence! And appearence! I also suggest practicing random reads that could be relatable to what your auditioning character prior to your audition so you’re not going in cold!

(Daniela DiIorio) #30

One of the best VO jobs I ever got was through Voice123, a company reached out to me from Scotland and had me flown over there for 2 weeks for a text-to-speech gig. It was amazing. For searching for agents, I get recommendations from friends and submit through them. Networking is the absolute best way to do it. Cold emails, I have found in my experience have gone nowhere.

(Bri Castellini) #31

What’re your best networking tips? Where do you go to network, how do you make it less awkward, and what are some social taboos?

(Jaime Lancaster) #32

That’s super cool- thanks!! What’s something people often overlook when designing/choosing a character’s look?

(Blair Hunter) #33

YES I didn’t miss it this week!! Also, hi Daniela! I’m curious if you have any directing pet peeves as an actress (in live action roles specifically, not VO). Things that newbie directors should AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

(Daniela DiIorio) #34

I have had a few instances where Male actors have overstepped their boundaries big time. However, I was VERY LUCKY that it was on a set where I was comfortable in telling my director and producer immediately what happened and it was handled immediately.

As far as being a female actress, yes it can be tough, but we need to stand up for ourselves. I was lucky enough to be raised in an environment that that was instilled in me within a very young age, so I never had a problem speaking my mind or telling people that something made me uncomfortable. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) But I do know that for me, telling other women and making them feel it’s okay to step up and speak their mind and that I know because I do it all the time, has helped some of my other female friends feel more empowered. Which is why I am so so so glad that the #metoo movement is actually doing just that… empowering women to speak up!

(Daniela DiIorio) #35

I only produce when it’s a HLG related project, I feel like my liking it is purely based on my company when I am doing it! :slight_smile: I don’t think I could ever do it full time! It truely takes a special person!

(Hailey Harper) #36

Thank you so much for this response!!!

(Hailey Harper) #37

How do you think about your personal brand, as an actress? I was reading Jenna Fischer’s new book about how you should have five adjectives you use to describe yourself… do you have five adjectives?

(Daniela DiIorio) #38

I find that in a community like LA, it’s really easy to network. When you’re on set, or in an audition, strike up a convo. “I like your shoes, or I’m dying for a cup of coffee, etc " We’re all in the same boat in those situations, and we have allllll had to do the awkward " SO DO YOU LIKE YOUR AGENT CAN I HAZ HIM/HER PLEASE” Make friends, chat! Don’t just try and cut to the chase and see if the person can give you something and if they can’t toss em. It’s a tough industry and we need to be supportive and helpful for everyone.

I also highly suggest a IMDBPro account, you can see who is repped by who and also who you may know!

(Jerome Keith) #39

Thank you so much for answering my questions!

(Bri Castellini) #40

A few questions that might have gotten lost in the frenzy :slight_smile: