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The color white is a big no no on camera, as well as easily visible brand logos!

Also if I am not scheduled for a fitting, I always have the actor email me their sizes, ALWAYS HAVE THAT IN WRITING. Because sometimes people like to fib a little on their sizing and it will always show up on camera if that size is not appropriate! And if its in an email/text from that actor, youve covered your butt!

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I hate it when you have a casting call where it says “MUST BE A REAL ATTRACTIVE WOMAN/MAN” How do I know what you find attractive? I think the thing to avoid is to be super general.

The most descriptive ones are the best! The more adjectives the better!

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  1. I just answered this!
  2. I swap out a shirt with a tank or a sweater and add a necklace a few scenes later. Or I will ad a jacket and button up half way. Things that make the outfit unrecognizable, also make sure it’s not shown in the following scene, try and break up your recycled outfits!
  3. Just answered this!

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Alright folks, that’s our hour! HUGE big thanks to @DanielaDiIorio for being here today! Be sure to check out her work independently as well as her work with Happy Little Guillotine Studios!

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Thank you so much Daniela!

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I have that in my resume actually!

Loud, Animated, Italian, Ethincally ambigous, Good at impressions.

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Thank you!!

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Grazie everyone! That was fun!

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Sorry, I was late …
Hello Daniela,
Thank you very much for coming to deliver your experience.

I am developing an animated web series and in a short time, I will need voices, my problem is as follows:

  • Where can I find actors, if I do not have a penny to pay?
    I can offer future advertising work (paid) to compensate, but I’m looking for clients now. But nothing concrete yet.
    Is that a good path?

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I suggest visiting one of th pay to play websites I mentioned before (voice123, voices.com) You can post the details to your project and tell them what you told me as far as what you could offer for compensation. You can find a lot of good new vo actors that are looking to build their demos that may be willing to work for a trade!

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Can confirm, Daniela is fucking A+++ at standing up for everyone.

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Grazie mille for the information!