Debunking the benefit of going viral

(Bri Castellini) #1

Super interesting post!


(Herman Wang) #2

“Going viral” isn’t really part of a good strategy, because it’s something that can’t be planned - if it could, everyone would be doing it.

It somehow remains a staple of millennial comedy web series plot lines though :wink:


(Arthur Vincie) #3

Amen to this. Someone I was close to, who was supposed to be helping me prepare my online promo strategy for “Three Trembling Cities,” kept suggesting that I find ways to make the show “go viral.” Like, WTF does that even mean, and even if someone likes a GIF or a 15-second clip, will that lead them to watch the actual show?

Companies are setting money on fire to make their products “go viral” and it’s not always working any better than traditional advertising - but they can sure spam my feeds more than I can with my miniscule budget.

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(Deb Ethier) #4

If anyone ever actually figures out the algorithm for ensuring that something goes viral, the internet will implode.:crazy_face:

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