Digital Series, Mental Health, Crowdfunding and Going Viral

(Yuri Baranovsky) #101

That’s the 50503504250294 dollar question. YouTube is the highest profile. We’ll see what Facebook does… that’s a big if. It’s constantly changing, to be honest. Question you ask yourself is: what platform can reach the audience I’m targeting? YouTube has the biggest reach but maybe there’s a particular website that really caters to the niche you’re aiming for, you know?

But this is the question that everyone constantly asks themselves – from networks to prodcos to everyone in between. IT’s a tough nut to crack.

(Angela Gulner) #102

We hope to get distribution! We’d love the resources to reach a wider audience. But if not, it’ll probably be YouTube… we’re not sure! I think it’ll kind of depend on how facebook’s video platform does!

(Yuri Baranovsky) #103

Yeah, pick ones that people will click, that look nice, that feel like that episode/show/whatever in an image.

(Bri Castellini) #104

Dang guys, this was amazing!! HUGE big thanks to @Angela_Gulner and @Yuri_Baranovsky , and hopefully we’ll see them around sometime! We could all definitely benefit from their sage advice, clearly. Make sure to check out all their links at the beginning of the thread, and get involved in their crowdfunding to make BINGE season 1!

(Meg Carroway) #105

Thank you for being here! Can’t wait for the rest of season 1!!!

(Angela Gulner) #106

Thank you so much, Bri!! This was a blast!

(Anna Bateman) #107

This was incredible… thank you so much Angela, Yuri, and Stareable!

(Yuri Baranovsky) #108

Thanks everyone!!

(Jaime Lancaster) #109

Thank youuu!

(Hailey Harper) #110

Thank you!!