"Do the Thing, Make the Thing" - Ashley Clements & Brendan Bradley AMA

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Yeah I think he’s asking about building your network for outreach prior to launching the campaign- we’ve had a fair few crowdfunding articles/AMAs on the forum and they always say to make sure you have emails BEFORE you launch a campaign so you have someone to promote it to. Interesting that you say email is seeing diminishing returns- I think every person who’s talked crowdfunding on the forum has emphasized how overlooked email is.

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Please see Ashley’s Instagram for more…

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ALL. THE. TIME. It’s heartbreaking. But this is true for every movie. Listen to any interview with the greats. Re-shoots are a great tool if you have the ability, but a lot of times you’re forced to re-write in post. Non-Transferable has a “bumpy” transition to Act 3 because about ten minutes got ripped out because it wasn’t working. There was no way we could go back to Turkey and I was too overwhelmed to come up with a clever re-write to shoot. So instead I politely sit through comments and reviews of people critizing the ending and i just get to say “you made it to the end, so you must of liked most of it, which is a big win.”

My advice is to show early, show often. Invite trusted people to watch cuts and give feedback and ideas. Do NOT invite them to take over. It’s just a listening session. When you start hearing recurring notes, you’ll know where the big problems are.

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Thank you! That makes me feel much better! (and also more terrified… but it’s indie film so par for the course!!)

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Thanks, Bri. That is the point. I was studying the articles on the Seed&Spark website and they emphasize the emails first. That’s why I asked. On the internet, everything changes super fast and each person has their method or formulas that work better.

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Thanks for the response, Brendan. I will keep it in mind!

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I think what has struck me about “new media” is the parallel universe of conflating the term to include both exciting new storytelling technologies that we don’t yet know how to use (VR, 360, Unity, Live, etc) and the regressive streaming traditional content digitally and pretending it’s “new.” Every movement needs a little “punk rock” and I’ve been surprised by how corporate platforms like YouTube have become, especially when their only competitive advantage is breakout talent from the community by eroding the barrier to entry.

Early models and creators were pushing the boundaries of storytelling, interaction and knowledge sharing. Logan Paul’s just comitting crimes on camera and selling merch. It’s harder for everyone to succeed in that value system.

At the same time, those who do breakout today are literally the hardest working people in showbusiness and have learned to internalize and self-generate their own global brand and network. I’m optimistic for what happens when these creators move offline to build causes and local organizations that change the world.