Easy Alien/Scifi Makeup Tutorial: How To Apply An Ear Prosthetic


(Anthony Ferraro) #1

Hello, I’m Anthony Ferraro, creator director of the soon to be released web series Galactic Galaxy and I do a weekly Sci-Fi “How To” Blog Create Sci-Fi with plenty of informative videos and articles.

This Week I Show You A Super Easy & Cheap Fantasy/Scifi Makeup How-To So You Can Round Out Your Production On A Tight Budget. The difficulty level on this is Bing Bang Boom.

(Herman Wang) #2

Yeah, we’ve done the ears for a relatively cheap effect:

One important note: latex allergies are not uncommon so check with the actor first. There are non-latex adhesive products available if needed.

(Anthony Ferraro) #3

great point! great screen grab :slight_smile: