Emergency Hair and make-up replacement needed for November 17 and 24. Dayton , OH

(Evie Marie Warner) #1

Job: Hair and Make-up person

Compensation: unpaid. Can discuss possible gas money depending on where you are coming from and reimbursment for materials used

**Link to posting:**Emergency make-up and hair needed on 11/17 and the 24th - crew gigs

Contact: ohifilmcasting@gmail.com text message at 937-546-0273

**Other details:**I am sorry that this is an unpaid possition. Everyone I normally use is busy those days and the girl I did have had to have emergency surgery after falling out of her treestand while hunting. I think it is a long shot that anyone on here is going to be close enough to Dayton, OH. But is is the best shot I got. We have upwards of around 10 people that need hair and make-up, including two African American males.
Thank you for your consideration.

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