Episodes into Comic Book. Good idea?

(Alex Barbag) #1

In an attempt to promote my webseries, I am making each episode into a “comic book.” By this, I mean screenshots of the episode and putting in comments and thought bubbles so that you can see the entire episode played out as a comic book.

My questions are:

  • Do you think this will drive viewership of my videos away since they already saw the whole thing play out?
  • Is this unique or do others do this?
  • What forum(s) would be best to showcase this?

I wanted to make it into a video for Instagram but there are 20 pages and the 60 second time limit isn’t enough.

(Bri Castellini) #2

What a cool idea! Now you’ve got me thinking of how to do this for one of my shows…

Re: your questions:

  • Do you think this will drive viewership of my videos away since they already saw the whole thing play out? I would recommend only doing part of your episodes in this form, partially because it looks like a ton of work and partially because if your end goal/call to action is to get people to watch the show, then you want there to be something they can’t get anywhere else. So making comics of a particular joke or set up is great, but a comic of the whole episode doesn’t really align with the end goal of “watch the web series version of this even though the jokes and words will be the same.”
  • Is this unique or do others do this? Definitely unique!
  • What forum(s) would be best to showcase this? Hm. Maybe PDF? You can upload it to Google Drive and make the link available to anyone. Or even Stareable Updates! The photos you add show up, in the order you upload them, right after one another in posts. Example here.

This is a super cool idea, though. You should check out the webinar I’m doing in a few weeks all about supplemental content like this (plus way more ideas) and how to use it to your web series promotion advantage. Free! Online! Rsvp: Webinar: How To Market The Fun Way!

(Alex Barbag) #3

It wasn’t too much extra work to do. There are websites that make it very easy to do. However, the images they return to you are in low quality.

It also helped me think about how to make my scenes more efficient and what exactly my scenes needed.

(Deb Ethier) #4

This is a really great idea! Perhaps if you had a standalone joke that wasn’t in the actual episode (something that didn’t make it into the script but was still funny), you could use some generic pics of your actors that would fit the dialogue and offer it as bonus material for your viewers?
There are sites for publishing webcomics - don’t know how applicable you’d find this, but might be an option.
Anyway, I really like the idea!

(Deb Ethier) #5

Another thought - depending on how comfortable you are with GIMP or Photoshop, you can make “cartoons” of the actual photos with the right filters; would make it look a bit more like a comic but still recognizable as your actors…

(Emma Drewry) #6

tumblr photo grids would be a fantastic format for this

(Mickey Oh) #7


I was thinking about the same thing, but more of storyboard. Since my web series is still on development, I would create the storyboard with the footage that we’ve already shot.

I used film students as my crew for the financial reasons without decent equipment/gear to shoot and record. But the quality didn’t turn out good enough to make into actual episodes.

I would appreciate if you can share the comic effect website info.

(Deb Ethier) #8

Not sure if you’re referring to making photos look like comics, but I use GIMP as my photo editing software, and all you have to do is google something like “cartoon effect with GIMP” and you’ll get a lot of tutorials; there are several different ways to do it. There are also online apps to make the cartoon effect, but I’ve never used them, so no comment!

(Gareth Brierley) #9

Great idea

(Alex Barbag) #10

I used https://phraseit.net.

(Carlo Delmar) #11

The closest thing that I have come across to this is the low budget independent movie Hero Tomorrow, which the filmmaker turned into the comic book series Apama: The Undiscovered Animal. He had a table at New York Comic Con.

I don’t know if any web series creators have made actual comic book stories, but sometimes they will share concept art or fan art. Here is some fan art for the web series We Might Be Superheroes: Fan Art | We Might Be Superheroes

I’m guessing that encouraging and sharing fan art will increase the enthusiasm and engagement for a web series.