Extra material, behind the scenes and interviews for your web series

(Ian David Diaz) #1

Hi all did any of you guys shoot behind the scenes stuff for your web series, did you go as far as interviewing the stars in your show, is this important? Because ours was such a low budget we only shot a limited amount of behind the scenes stuff. So we decided to shoot some interviews over the weekend but couldn’t find anyone to interview the stars, so my nieces who had a really tiny part in Rebecca Gold did it. It turned out really well.

Does anyone think behind the scenes stuff is important when it comes to a web series, does it help create more viewers, or does this stuff only applies to movies and TV shows?

(Mika Marcovitz) #2

I think it’s really important and really regret not following through due to all the complications of micro-mini non existent bidget. I think for a YouTube platform it’s pretty crucial for growing the viewer base, because you could release bts stuff in between episodes etc.

(Ian David Diaz) #3

Because we didn’t plan it from the beginning, we had very limited behind footage that’s why we did the interviews. Thank god the actors were available, we set up a backdrop and a few chairs and then we went for it, but I never knew it was crucial for growing the viewer base so thanks for that Mika. Do you put the interviews/behind the scenes before the show starts or after each Ep? What’s best to do there?

(Mika Marcovitz) #4

This is something that the guy who used to head YouTube Next Lab told me all the way back in 2012 and it makes total sense. To grow an audience you need to have some sort of a schedule. Say - every Monday a new episode, every Wednesday a behind the scene or an interview related to that episode, every Saturday a short bloopers reel and maybe even a promo for the next episode somewhere in between?


btw, can you post a link to your content? I don’t remember seeing it and am very intrigued!

(Ian David Diaz) #5

Hi, Mika, it’s not been released yet, hoping to get it out there by the end of this month, but here’s the link to the 2 teaser trailers:

The REBECCA GOLD 5-part, 5-minute series is coming this fall.

LOGLINE: A gay, lonely, geeky, highly skilled assassin goes rogue when she encounters her high school crush.