Facebook Vs Youtube - Facebook watch?

(Ian David Diaz) #1

Hi everyone, Youtube or Facebook? I’m finding that more people watch on Facebook than Youtube, well, when I post my stuff anyway. As it stands now as I’m writing this, my behind the scenes video (Rebecca Gold web series), on Youtube views are for 2 days is 202 for 2 days, on Facebook for less than a day views are 307. Also, I’m finding more people comment on Youtube that Facebook. Should I have just released my web series just on Facebook first then Youtube? Also has anyone heard of Facebook watch? Watch is a lot like YouTube so it’s been said, this is Facebook’s video streaming platform, few people have heard of Watch but it could be something us Web series creators can take advantage of. How does one get their show on this platform? Anyone know?

(Bri Castellini) #2

So Facebook slightly records views differently- this video goes through it pretty well:

Plus, Facebook videos are integrated into a timeline where you can be chatting/reading other things while watching so multitasking is easier (or a video might be playing without audio while you chat with someone on Messenger, which does count as a view)

(Ian David Diaz) #3

What about Facebook watch? Do you know anything about that?

(Bri Castellini) #4

We talked about it last year a bit… Facebook Watch

I think it might not be available for everyone? You have to apply? I honestly don’t know

(Ian David Diaz) #5

Thanks, Bri.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #6

Yeah I think Facebook Watch is like Youtube Red. They pick and choose the content they distribute. Only difference is there’s currently no paywall for Facebook watch.

(Emma Drewry) #7

so Facebook Watch is currently in beta-- I looked into it for Artificial, but they don’t have an application right now. It’s mostly in-house with a couple other shows that got put into the program. I don’t think they’ve set up a sustainable way of having creators upload to FB watch yet. The only form they do have is for a “show page” which, from what I know, is the gateway to having your show on FB Watch-- only caveat is that they’re not looking for more partners right now. so essentially, there’s not really a guaranteed or reliable way to get your show on Facebook Watch right now, and there’s no word from Facebook about when that partner program will become available, what it will involve, and what the benefits are-- there’s an entirely separate program for monetizing your content on FB that doesn’t actually seem to have much to do with FB Watch. go figure, right?

(Ian David Diaz) #8

Wow! It sounds like Facebook is lost with trying to take on Youtube.

(Ian David Diaz) #9

Just taken a look at my details on FB, it seems that people are actually watching my video all the way through. Yay!

(Bri Castellini) #10

Is episode 2 on your Stareable page yet btw?

(Ian David Diaz) #11

I could figure out how to put the 2nd Ep up. Help!

(Bri Castellini) #12

Dashboard :arrow_right: Edit show :arrow_right: episodes :arrow_right: add episode!

(Ian David Diaz) #13

Okay, where is the Dashboard? Help? Could you give me a link

(Ian David Diaz) #14

It’s okay I did it Yay!

(Bri Castellini) #15

Is there something we can do to improve that process? We tried to make the dashboard a full service thing for creators- it’s the first thing you see when you log in and we tried to put all the necessary buttons there but it sounds like there might have been a disconnect- let us know! You can throw your thoughts in the #site-feedback category or right here :slight_smile:

(Ian David Diaz) #16

It was because I didn’t realize I had to log in again to access the page with Edit show button. I can write on the posts like I am now so I just assume I was logged in.

(Bri Castellini) #17

Ah I see- yeah they’re different websites so they require different logins, even if the information is identical

(Erik Urtz) #18

If you post your videos to facebook is there even a way to organize them? It feels very much like just the Youtube feed without a channel.

(Ian David Diaz) #19

Yep, that is so true.

(Emma Drewry) #20

There is-- there’s a playlist option, but you have to go to a page’s Video tab in order to see them, and I don’t know if they autoplay. We honestly haven’t bothered for our show, we don’t get a ton of genuine traction on FB anyways-- mostly passive stuff. We get a lot more interaction on Tumblr & YT.