FAQ: where am I and what is Stareable?

What is Stareable?

Stareable is the largest community of web series creators. It’s easier than ever to distribute your show, but building an audience remains a challenge. We believe that your success should be based on the dopeness of your show, not luck or the size of your marketing budget.

Stareable celebrates and empowers you to amplify your online presence and grow your web series audience, for free.

What we do, specifically:

Stareable.com, an audience-building platform for web series. Have a show we need to list (for FREE)? Click here.

Stareable Creator Community, a FREE forum for web series creators to connect with other creators, ask for advice, offer advice, and more. (you are here)

Forget The Box, the ultimate web series podcast where you can learn from experts in the field (for FREE) how to make, market, and monetize your web series.

Stareable Fest, an indie TV festival that’s half industry marketplace, creating face-to-face connections between independent filmmakers and decision makers at major platforms, and half creator convention, with workshops and panels about how to be a more effective filmmaker. This one isn’t free, but submission fees and tickets are competitive in this burgeoning digital media festival era!

Stareable IRL, a series of international filmmaker events (hosted by Stareable in NYC and Stareable community members all over the world) so you can meet up with local creators and network, chat, and commiserate over your shared digital endeavors. (First drink is always FREE!)



Wait, so where am I?

The Stareable Creator Community (otherwise known as our ‘filmmaker forum’)! For web series creators, web series cast and crew, aspiring web series creators, and aspiring web series cast and crew! Put differently, it’s a place for digital filmmakers to connect and support one another.

Ok, how do I connect?

You can ask a question (or seek advice) in our Ask The Community category, answer an existing question, post a job in the Job Postings category, share an article for enlightenment and discussion in the News category, seek critique for your web series, trailer, or script in our Community Critiques category, report bugs or suggest a new feature in our Site Feedback category, or browse educational articles in our Stareable Film School category.

Educational articles? Isn’t this a forum?

Yup! In the spirit of the forum being a gathering place for filmmakers, Stareable Film School features articles and videos from Stareable Community Director Bri Castellini (an award-winning indie filmmaker in her own right) and other members of our community, breaking down everything from Breaking Down A Script and Making Your Audio More Believable to Writing a Press Release and Writing a Query Letter to An Agent.

Do you have a craft specialty or an urge to instruct? Pitch Bri an article (or series of articles) for Stareable Film School by sending her an email at bri@stareable.com!

Can I promote my web series here?

Yes! But not out of context. We delete all individual self-promotional posts because we don’t want the forum to become a link dump, but we encourage you to get involved and allow your web series to come up naturally in conversation. We also have “shameless self promotion” threads every Friday for when there’s no better organic way to mention your web series or crowdfunding campaign, so keep an eye out for those!

Here’s our article about How To Authentically Engage In A Community to help guide you!

This is a lot of information.

We know. Sorry about that- we got a bit excited. Since you’re already here in the forum, a great place to get your feet wet is this introductory thread, where you can post a quick hello to your new community and read through to see who else is here.

…what now?

Get involved! If you’re still feeling some trepidation about diving in, you can email the forum moderator/Stareable Community Director Bri Castellini at bri@stareable.com with what you’re looking for and she’ll connect you to the resources and people you need.

Cool. Thanks!

You’re welcome!

We should probably stop before this gets weirder.

Fair enough. See you around!